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dont think that we are fear from bomb blast we have one hope and if that hope comes true there will be no place in the world neither in hell for you because we are not scared for bombs we will fight and INSHALLAH we will win..................JEAY PAKISTAN

From: javed ali
Call: +923133029336
sometime in life we think we we dont need anyone.......but,sometime in life we dont have anyone when we need them.

From: salman shaikh
Call: 9000208370
Do you know the meaning of A B C D E F G H. . . ?
A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl Heart. . . By yours lovely Ibbie;)

From: Ibrahim
Call: 9092986456
...Shakespeare Said...

"Its not your mistake If you Can't read which cheat you!
But its really your mistake if you can't read eyes which care 4 u."

Call: +923444728576
Heart recieve love,
Mind recieve wisdom,
Hands recieve gifts,
and only Special peoples recieve my sms like U.

From: Rahul Rathi
Call: 9897714280
It takes half our life to find true friends and half of it keeping them. I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you and wish to spend the rest keeping you.

From: aryan
Call: 9971860870
A butterfly lives only 14 day.s
But still it flies joyfully
Capturing many hearts
Each moment in life is precious,,,,

Call: 03333939779
Sabse anmol gift agar aap kisiko dete ho to wo hai TIME, Kyuki aap kisiko apna TIME dete ho to aap unhe apni zindagi ka wo pal dete ho jo kabhi wapas nahi aata.

From: Varsha
Call: 919021636575
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