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New Urdu sms messages are available on this site in abundance with high quality and unique content. It is selected especially for mobile phone content lovers present in millions in Pakistan and India that are as passionate about this as they always want to share cool phone stuff with their friends that are special and unique. This site is truly a gateway of cell phone entertainment. Best Sms in Urdu for birthday, relationship, Islamic, friendship, anniversary, Eid greetings, Miss you, best of luck, ASCII, sad and sorry phrases, flirt and insult funny sayings. Also for any special day like fathers day and of shayari have become common worldwide and send far and wide daily so u can download them from here to your computer according to your choice after reading them and transfer it to your mobile phone. Do post your comments about the beautiful stuff available on this web site as all quotes, jokes and smses are so enjoyable and are free to download to your PC. 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Urdu SMS Messages

Urdu Shayari SMS
Dard bhi khud hai khud dawaa hai ishq Shaikh kiya janay tu kia hai ishq Meer jee zard hotay jatay ho Kia kahin tum ne bhi kia hai ishq
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Urdu Best of Luck SMS
Har shakhs apne chand se tha mehve guftagu, Ham chand dhoondte rahe aur EID ho gaee... wish U a happy EID MUBARAK,
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Urdu Birthday SMS
***/\****/\****/\**** ***\/****\/****\/**** ***||****||****||****** ***||****||****||****** **(-----------------)***** **(-------Happy------)*** ***(-----Birth-day----)*** ***(______________)***
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Urdu Drawing SMS
.**. .**. § .. § § . . § ( ._. ) ( ._. ) >==< >==< .///. , **, §_ _§ , , § (._. ( ._. ). (___3£_J Le ek JHAPPEE Tere ko diya aab to Has na yaar...
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Urdu Eid Mubarak SMS
,^ ^, (', ') \'_'_'_')~ | | | | Ye Lo Bakra Eid tak isay khilana Pilana Roz sham ko sair krwna pr Eid pe wapis kr dena Maine b Qurbani krni hy
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Urdu Friendship SMS
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Urdu Good Morning SMS
Tazi hawa me phulo ki mehak ho,pehli kiran me chidiyo ki chehak ho,jab bhi kholo tum apni palke,un palko me bas khushiyo ki Zalak mrg
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Urdu Good Night SMS
hum kabhi apni sy khfa ho nhi skty dosti k rishty kabhi bewafa ho nhi skty ab hum ko bhula kr so jao hum tum ko yaad kiy bina so nhi sakty! good night
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Urdu Islamic SMS
Tum Gulab Ka Phool Ban Jao q kay Yah Phool Us Kay Hathoon main bhi KUSHBU chor jata hai jo issay masal k phenk deta hai. HAZRAT ALI (Radi allaho anho)
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Urdu Jokes SMS
Tea... tea.. Tea... Tea.. Coffe.. Coffe.. Tea.. Tea.. Coffe.. Tea.. Coffe.... Cogragulations u have selected 4 the job on rail flatform
more Jokes messages ...
Urdu Love SMS
Unhen ye shikayat thi, Hum sy k hum hr kasi ko dekh kr Muskuraty hain, Woh kya jane humen to her chehry main woh nazar aty hain.
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Urdu Missing You SMS
Ye “YAD” hi to “YAD” hai k har “YAD” main tu “YAD” hai jis “YAD” main tu “YAD” nhi wo “YAD” bhi koi “YAD” hai hai jo “YAD” “YAD” ka hai silsila, iss “SILSILA_E_YAD” main faqat tu hi tu “YAD” hai…
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Urdu New Year SMS
Makki ko Roti, Nimbu ka aachar. Suraj ki Kirnain khushiyo ki bahar Chand ke chandni,App ko pyar Mubarik ho App ko yeh naya saal ***Happy***New***Year
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Urdu Riddle & Puzzle SMS
Plz answer me:kya hai jo saal mein 1bar aata hai month mein 2bar hafty mein 4bar din mein 6bar!?
more Riddle & Puzzle messages ...
Urdu Scary & Creepy SMS
Un say door janey ka irada to na tha Sada sath rehny ka bhi wada to na tha Wo yaad na karay ga yeah janty thy hum Par itni jaldi bhool jane ka andaza bhi na tha!
more Scary & Creepy messages ...
Urdu Smirk & Funny SMS
chandi ki dewaar na tori dosti bhara dil tor diya apne 30$ bachane k liye mujhe sms karna chor diya
more Smirk & Funny messages ...
Urdu Special SMS
" kash samjtae wo is dil ki tarp ko "to youn na hamae riswa kea hota.... "uski berukhi b manzoor thee hamae "bs eak bar hamae samjh to lea hota
more Special messages ...
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