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Welcome to the Mobile Heart's Glossary. Here you’ll find an explanation of all the acronyms and terminology used on our website and in the Mobile Industry.
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AC Wall Charger An accessory device that allows you to power and/or charge your phone from a wall outlet.
Airtime The time elapsed between the start of a call achieved by connecting to your service provider's network and the termination of a call achieved by pressing the end button. Network connection time includes signals received prior to voice transmission, such as busy signals and ringing.
Alkaline A battery technology used in personal cellular telephones.
Alphabetic Scroll Similar to a built-in phone book, this feature allows scrolling alphabetically through the names in the directory for easy retrieval.
Analog The technological basis for most current mobile phone systems. Primarily designed to transmit sound waves, as in conversations.
Analog Only A digital feature allowing the sending of voice channel operations (i.e., fax machines, personal computers with modems, etc.) without having to manually seek an analog channel each time.
Answering Machine The phone's internal memory allows callers to leave a personal message.
Audible Keypad Tone Confirms that a key has been pressed properly. Helps avoid airtime charges to incorrect numbers.
Automatic Answer Allows call answering without pressing the SND button. After a brief ring, simply lift the unit to your ear and begin the conversation.
Automatic Backlighting Touching any key will illuminate the display and keypad for viewing ease.
Automatic Display Timer Set On to automatically display the Last Call Timer at the end of each phone call.
Automatic Hands Free When this feature is enabled, simply hang up the phone to begin a hands free conversation.
Automatic Lock When activated the phone will automatically lock each time it is turned off to help prevent unauthorized use.
Automatic Redial (on system busy) Upon a System Busy signal, simply press the SND button and the phone will redial the call.
Automatic Tone Altering (mobiles) In areas where quality phone connections cannot be made, the phone will sound a series of beeps to signal that an incoming call was attempted.
Auxiliary Alert When activated, incoming calls will cause the vehicle horn to sound or (installation option) headlights to flash to alert the user to return to the vehicle.
Battery A chargeable device used to provide phones with power. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH) provide very high capacity at a low weight, and are also faster to charge.
Battery Indicators Audible Tone "beeps" to alert that the battery is running low. Visual...A "LoBat" message in the display indicates that the battery is running low.
Battery Meter/Dedicated Battery Meter A visual indicator of the estimated time remaining on the battery helps avoid dropped calls due to insufficient current voltage.
Battery status/ Battery charge display Displays battery charge remaining.
Blocking The effect that causes a user to get a busy signal indicating there are no free channels.
Bluetooth A low-power, short-range wireless technology designed for local area voice and data communications. It enables the exchange of information between many devices, including certain wireless phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), notebook PCs and handheld PCs. This technology allows you to use a wide range of computing and telecommunications devices, almost wherever and whenever you want.
Call-in-Absence Indicator If the mobile phone is left active and an incoming call is not answered, the message "Call" will be displayed to inform the user of a call attempt.
Call-in-Progress Protection If the mobile phone is wired to turn on and off with the vehicle ignition, calls will not be terminated when the ignition is turned off.
Call Alert Privately page an individual by sending an audible tone.
Call Alert Stacking With Call Alert Stacking, you can either clear a Call Alert or save it to the queue for later recall.
Call Barring Allows you to set your phone to prohibit certain incoming or outgoing phone calls.
Call divert Enables you to divert incoming calls to another phone or answering service.
Call Forwarding Allows you to set your phone to forward all calls to an alternate phone number.
Call hold Enables you to put a caller on hold while a second call is answered or made.
Call Line Identifier Phone numbers with Calling Line ID information are displayed, so you can choose which calls to answer.
Call timer Keep track of the time you accrue each month toward an allotment of airtime minutes.
Call Waiting While making a call, the phone will alert you that another person is trying to call you. You can choose to answer the call or it will forward to your voice mail.
Caller ID A service that allows you to see your caller's number before answering.
CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) CDMA separates communications by code. Voice is broken into digitized bits, and groups of bits are tagged with a code. Each code is associated with a single call in the network. Groups of bits from one call are randomly transmitted along with those of other calls. Then they are reassembled in the correct order to complete the conversation.
CDMA 1X (Code Division Multiple Access, First Generation) CDMA 1X is a new technology that offers increased speed and value-added applications such as high-speed Internet access, advertising and video conferencing, as well as downloading music and data directly from the Internet to your mobile phone, laptop computer, or PDA.
Cigarette Lighter Adapter An accessory device that allows you to power and/or charge your phone from a car's cigarette lighter.
CLI Calling Line Identification is a service that allows the number of a caller to be accessed by the recipient though services such as Caller Display.
Contact List A directory located within the handset that includes all contacts and groups that have been assigned by the user
Cordless A term generally applied to radio technology in which a handset is used within a restricted distance from its corresponding base station.
Coverage Denotes the area in which a mobile phone can make and receive calls. It is often described by networks in terms of the percentage of population that can use the service rather than actual geographic coverage.
CSD Circuit Switched Data - what you use when you do a dial up data or fax call from your phone. Different way of shifting data to GPRS. Has slower speeds/ higher cost generally than GPRS.
Data capability Data-capable phones enable transmission of data from a laptop, portable fax machine or personal digital assistant equipped with a modem and an auxiliary jack.
Data Connectivity Ability of a device to transmit or receive data.
Data/fax capability Your mobile phone can be used to send and receive fax and data files, access the Internet and send e-mail when connected to mobile office equipment.
DCS1800 A term for GSM1800 referring to a digital mobile phone system using the 1800MHz band.
DECT Digital Enhance Cordless Telecommunication. A digital cordless phone standard that is often found on domestic digital cordless phones.
Delayed Call Placement Programs the unit to place a call after a user-designated number of minutes have passed. Helps user remember to place important calls.
Digital The general term for communications technologies that digitize transmissions into binary code.
Distinctive Ringing Calls from a designated list of phone numbers will ring in a special way (network and subscription dependent feature -- not available in all areas).
Dual Battery Capability Allows you to use a main and auxiliary battery on your phone for extended talk times.
DTMF Dual Tone Multi-Frequency. The process of sending multi-frequency tones across a mobile phone network. Used for tone dialling and accessing various services.
Dual band A feature on some mobile phones that allows the handset to operate using either the GSM1800 and GSM900 frequencies to overcome capacity restrictions. All new mobile phones in the AUSTRALIA can utilise this service if available.
Dual mode A phone that can operate on two different standards.
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