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Eid Mubarak SMS

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Lonesome without u,
Each n every moments.
When i am alone
I close my eyes n think of u
N thoughts of ur love warms
Me inside n makes me smile.
miss you a lot. eid mubarak.

From: sarmin
Call: 01812918571
I wish u all a very happy & peaceful eid. May allah acpt ur gud deeds 4give ur transgression & case d sufferings of all ppls around d globe. Happy eid mumbarak

From: Shafiq
Call: 9995424822
Eid ul adha is eid of sacrifice, and commitment to Allahs orders,May Allah bless us with the same in all circles of life,and help all amongst us, who r helpless,worried, and waiting for his rehmat, Ameen.Eid Mubarak.

From: mangesh
Call: 9028479139
For This, Is A Special Time When Family And Friends GetTogether, For Fun.Wishing Laughter And Fun TO Cheer Your Days, In This Festive Season Of EID And Always ! ! !EID MUBARAK...,,,

Call: 00971556278134
May God send his Love like Sunshine
in his warm and gentle ways
to fill every corner of your Heart
and filled your Life with a lot of
Happiness like this EID DAY.
Wishing you EID MUBARAK.

From: Siraj ahmed
Call: 009746693941
we say eid mubarik 2 our beloved one, pleaze do remember the people those are seeking the eye to be joind in our Happiness..Eid mubarik

From: sameer
Call: 0508313544
Wishing you all a very happy eid, And hoping that all the things you wish For will be yours throughout the year.

From: far
Call: 03454210798
May the noor of this month illuminate ur heart, mind and soul n
may all ur duas be answered. Remember me in your prayers.
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