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Nokia 6500 Review:

Nokia 6500 Review
Read free Nokia 6500 review & specifications before buy. Well no shock, however I've distorted my phone once more! has lastly introduced a tri band replica, and I beyond doubt required one arranged that I journey every nowadays and afterward to the US. Unlock new Nokia 6500 mobile phone. (Aside: with the latest non stop Hong Kong Las Vegas air travels, my tours to the US may augment notably! Ha.) So American consumers will be capable to find and utilize this phone, although I have no concept whenever or still if it will be existing in the US. Purchase accessories, memory card & USB cable in cheap price. N7210full.jpgAnyway, the 7210 is the recent offer by and is their earliest invariably tri band replica and their next colour phone. Find Nokia 6500 price, review & pay as you go plans. Firstly, I had no meaning of buying the phone arranged that it appeared "the" phone to buy was the future P800 from Sony Ericsson. Technical reviews guide you to choose cheap Nokia 6500 deals. However, the Sony Ericsson appears enjoy it is still having several evils. Use covers of Blue, black, red, white & silver color. There are enveloping reports that the JV could be in problem as Ericsson is deadened a taut constrict. Download free Nokia 6500 themes, games & softwares. Thus, the P800 has nowadays been belated plow November or at slightest that is whatever I have been told. View new Nokia 6500 cell phone photos & camera result pictures. So whenever my cell provider phoned me to apprise me the 7210 was existing, I bounded at it. Find video reviews, prices, features & specs. Sony Ericsson was the earliest out of the mouth with a concord so far reasonably priced color screen phone, the T68i, for GSM (global system for mobile communications) service. Test White 6500 Nokia features, tips & tricks at forums. However has reacted with a strong colour replica of its own, the 7210, that has all the design of the former 8390 and sufficient high end features, counting creation roaming, IR, GPRS (general packet radio service) connectivity, a included speaker-phone, and FM radio, to please nearly all serious mobile phone consumers. Download games, themes & PC Suite applications. Next the guide of the 8390- and 8200-series cells, the 7210 is a highly elegant phone. Buy & sell used Nokia 6500 unlocked Phone. However it's not the phone's thin dossier (4.2 by 1.8 by 0.7 inch and 2.9 littles) that will twist heads; it's the 4,096-color, nine line display that is actually the major centerpiece. You can Unlock Nokia 6500 SIM free. Although the LCD isn't as wealthy as that of the Samsung SPH A500, it's on a par with that of Motorola's T720. Read reviews, specifications & user manual. If you're into customizing your phone's appears, you'll excavation that you can restore the 7210's front and back covers (turquoise and gray green faceplates are built-in in the box). Check Prepaid Nokia 6500 pay as you go deals & plans. The 7210 has been one of the nearly all due phones of the date, perhaps next just to Nokia own 7650. Sale & Buy Nokia 6500 accessories & cover in various colours. Nokia is eager that the latest appears and latest features will twist the 7210, and the rapidly to be free 6610, into big vendors. One of the earliest clothes you observe on the 7210 is the strange switch layout. It is beyond doubt attractive, to contribute the slightest. However as pretty as it is, it isn't all that finger friendly. The earliest trouble is that the two exterior columns of switchs have an abnormal vertical format form to them. They are taller than wider, which is not usual. I'm eager to disregard that, although, because my handles as well occur to be taller than wider. My trouble with those switchs is their place relation to the center column of switchs. The bottom of the 1 switch, for exemplar, is banded up with the center of the 2 buttons. The extensive stay (for a lot of) is lastly over! Nokia’s earliest mass market colour screen phone, the 7210, is certain to appall the chinos decomposed a lot of who have been ardently waiting for its free because it was earliest announced former in the date. Well, perhaps I’m now over emphasizing clothes - because we’ve been arranged a flavor of this gratitude to the anarchic key pad design appears and very colourful options for its Xpress on covers. The catalog zipes on… however it does finally prevent. Nokia efforts to realize all the much needed features into this ingenious phone - counting tri band compatibility to supports nearly all main GSM (global system for mobile communications) systems throughout the creation, a 4096-colour LCD delivery for a wealthier user interface and delivery compatibility for colour needy applications, poly phonic ringtones supports, WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) over GPRS (general packet radio service), multimedia messaging supports, speaker-phone feature and Java Midlet support. The Nokia 7210 is the earliest phone from the Finnish manufacturer to bestseller delays based on the Series 40 working scheme. Mostly, Series 40 symbolizes an growth of the well definite Simplex UI used in infinite Nokia phones, and in the particular case of the Nokia 7210 offer 12-bit (4,096) colour, 8 outline of text and a 128 x 128 pixel resolution. Either print dimension and disparity can be attuned. In adding up to the earliest and nearly all elevated changes in provisos of colour and resolution, the menu scheme has been prolonged with 'Applications' and 'Gallery'. Applications holds a list over J2ME applications downloaded by the user, although Balcony grasps movies received by ( MMS ) multimedia message service (further on this advanced). With supports for EGSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, the Nokia 7210 functions on GSM (global system for mobile communications) systems over the whole creation - counting the U.S., anyplace GSM (global system for mobile communications) and GPRS (general packet radio service) are creation excellent progress.

Nokia 6500


Nokia 6500 Specs

Network GSM900 / GSM1800
Announced 2002 Q1
Dimensions 97 x 43 x 21 mm
Weight 88 g (including battery)
Type Graphical
Size/Resolution 96 x 60 pixels, 5 lines
Alert Type mono
Customization - 35 fixed RINGTONES, 5 Over-the-air and composed
Vibration yes
Internal yes
External no
Type Li-Ion
Stand-by 100 - 350 hours
Talk Time 3 - 4 hours
Still Images no
Video Recording no
GPRS yes
Infrared port no
Bluetooth no
3G no
Modem Yes, 24-36 kbs
USB no
Browser yes
Messaging sms
Games Yes (4): Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, Bumper
Colors express on covers
FM Radio yes
Java yes
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