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Motorola KRZR K1 Review


Motorola KRZR K1 Review

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As the phone that dares to be the latest edition of the RAZR phoneseries, the Motorola KRZR K1m had better be hip, trim, and on thecutting-edge of cell phone fashion. Fortunately, at least in terms ofdesign, the KRZR rises to the challenge.

The phone is skinnier than its predecessors, and tiny enough to slipinto the pockets of even the tightest of jeans. With a hard-glassfrontplate and metallic trim, the KRZR brings a whole new standard ofshiny to the mobile phone universe. The phone also offers both internaland external screens in full color, as befits today's swankiest devices.

Of course, form should be equally matched by function, and the KRZRmanages to hit up all of the standard features of a high-end phone,though matches rather than surpasses its predecessor, the RAZR V3m, interms of software. In addition to now-standard features like textmessaging, Bluetooth compatibility, web browsing, and organizationalapplications, the KRZR offers both MP3 and video capabilities. Inaddition to making calls and facilitating user organization, the KRZRrises to that proud new tradition of cell phone duty: making sure thatits users are never bored, ever.

While its features are rather standard for a higher-end phone, theKRZR's slim and shiny design pushes it forward as one of the morecutting-edge phones on the market. Current RAZR users who prefercutting-edge software over a shiny new design might decide to wait forthe next RAZR incarnation to upgrade their phones, but newbies shouldfind the KRZR a good introduction to the ultra-slim world.


The most striking aspect of the KRZR's design is, of course, its size,which measures in at 103 x 44 x17 mm and 107 g. The phone is slightlylonger and thicker than the RAZR V3, but the phone has to have itssubstance somewhere - it's skinnier than the V3 by almost tenmillimeters. Some users may be slightly disappointed that Motoroladecided to trim off width instead of depth, but in the end, it's anissue of personal taste. The phone features a mix of gray and silver invarious shades, for a nice professional look.

Motorola KRZR K1m Front The frontplate features a glassy rectanglesurrounded by glossy metallic trim, for a sleek, reflective look. Whilethis design gives the phone a unique style, some users may bemoan theease with which fingerprints adhere to the glassy surface. At the verytop of the phone, its tiny form hidden in subtlety, floats the1.3-megapixel camera lens. At a safe distance below the lens sits thesquat 96 x 80 px external screen. The external screen itself residesabove three not-quite-invisible touch-sensor music controls. Theclamshell "break" in the frontplate occurs a centimeter or two abovethe bottom edge, delivering the iconic RAZR look. With itsaesthetically-placed lens, screen, and buttons on a glossy, shinyplate, the stylish front of the KRZR demands attention.

The backplate has an almost rubbery texture, soft to the touch andpleasing to the eye. The back of the phone houses the battery and thespeaker phone as well as the Motorola and Verizon logos. The phone'ssingle USB-style port is found on the side of the phone, along withvarious side-buttons controlling the display and camera.

A quick flip-open of the phone reveals a somewhat standard keypad,differing from expectations only in a special camera-trigger buttonplaced opposite to the Clear button. Users unused to the skinny widthof the phone may have some trouble dialing at first, but therubber-trimmed keypad makes the buttons soft to the touch and providessome useful friction. Above the keypad dwells the average-sized 176 x220 px internal screen. For the most part, the internal panels of thephone should offer no surprises to previous cell phone users. The KRZRK1m's selling point is its cutting-edge design, which offers a trimhandset with a shiny frontplate and soft-to-the-touch backplate. Usersmight need to take some time to adjust to the phone's width and / orcarry around a dust cloth to wipe off careless fingerprints, but all inall, the KRZR meets the expectations of a new, slim design.

Out of the box, the Motorola KRZR K1m comes with a standard 780 mAhLi-Ion Battery, Power Cable, Headphones Adapter, User Guide, and QuickReference Guide.


For all the phone's swanky looks, it rises only to mediocrity in thecamera department. Not only is the 1.3-megapixel camera hardlycutting-edge, but it also lacks a flash. Needless to say, seriousdigital photographers will have to look elsewhere for their photographyneeds, but those who use their phone camera for fun (or not at all)shouldn't have a problem.

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