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Sony Ericsson K800i Review


Sony Ericsson K800i Review

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Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot is the official name of the new camera phone from Sony Ericsson. The model was announced in March 2006 and should now be available in most markets. The K800 is a 3G (UMTS) videophone and has an impressive 3.15-mega-pixel camera being the first model to wear the Cyber-shot name, which originally was used on the high-class digital cameras from Sony.


My K800 package did not include any M2 (Memory Stick Micro) card and I was a bit disappointed when I found this out. K800 has only 64MB internal memory. A photo captured with image quality "Fine" at maximum resolution occupies around 800KB. Subtract a couple of megabytes occupied by messages, themes, MP3 files, games and other apps and that not leave much room for your photos. The missing memory card does keep the price tag down, but in return you will probably feel that this phone needs a memory upgrade the moment you buy it. Reminds me of a digital pocket camera I bought a couple of years ago. A 16 MB SD card was included and it could hold 3-three photos! Why bother? Considering the few type of devices using M2 cards, I think the price for these memory cards is relatively cheap with around EURO 50 for 1 GB in the summer 2006. The included hands-free is ordinary with the usual proprietary Sony Ericsson plug. You cannot use your favourite headset with this headset plug.


The size of the phone is a little larger than the K750 and W800 Walkman models, but it is still a handy format. The display quality is one of the best I have seen and it is crystal clear even in bright daylight with the sun high on the sky. The display resolution has a pixel resolution of 240 x 320, which is the relationship of 4:3, the same as older televisions. This is also the same relationship as the photo files have, meaning that what you see in the viewfinder is what you get.

I find it naturally to compare the K800 with the well-known Sony Ericsson K750 which also was promoted as a camera phone. I would characterize the K750 to K800 update an evolution, and not a revolutionary new model. The K800 display is a little larger than the one found on the K750. I have calculated the increased number of pixels and compared it with the display width and height. The result is a 26% increased display size and a 98% increase in number of pixels giving a much better resolution and viewing experience. The last time I was this impressed by the sharpness of a phone display, was when I got my hand on a Sony Ericsson S700. The S700 display was very sharp and clear, and also felt unbreakable. But after just two weeks usage, I have already managed to create a small scratch on the K800 display. It was my own fault of course. I should know by now that house keys and phones should be kept in separate pockets.

K800 is an UMTS videophone and the tiny video camera is located above the display integrated into the loudspeaker. It is not protected by any lens cover, but the speaker and lens is immersed a little bit so you won’t be able to touch the glass by accident. Two extra buttons are also located above the display and are used by the camera application and picture viewer.

The battery charger has a new form and is named CST-75. It is the type where you can charge the phone and at the same time plug-in the headset. The battery is also new. It is called BST-33 and is a 3.6V 950mAh battery. Oddly enough: M600i also use the BST-33 battery, but this (maybe older) model is a 900mAh battery. I have not scientifically measured the battery capacity, but I the phone have been tested for weeks, and I do not think it is any worse or better than the other Sony Ericsson models. It last for 4-5 days with normal (not much video call) usage. During the three weeks test period, the phone has been connected to a 3G net.

The number keys seems to be of rubber and they are pleasant to use but the click nose might be irritating is silent environments. The rest of the keys plus the joystick are of plastic. Sony Ericsson has wrapped the K800i in with a scratch resistant material.

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