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Sony Ericsson p910i Review


Sony Ericsson p910i Review

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The Sony Ericsson P910i is a mobile phone, mobile office & PDA all in one. The P910i has a built in flip keypad with a qwerty keypad on one side & the usual digital keypad on the other side. The P910i also has a touch screen facility which is highly usable. At present the P910i is the only model of mobile phone that has three methods for inputting data, by using the double sided keyboard & touch screen. The LCD 262K colour screen is very sharp & clear.

The P910i is fully packed with features which include a quality digital & video VGA camera. The P910i phone comes with 64mb memory & also includes a 32mb memory card. The P910i is a slightly lighter phone that its predecessor the Sony Ericsson P900i & it looks very stylish in an ambient silver colour casing. The P910i has it all & proves that it can all come in a sophisticated & sleek package.

The Sony Ericsson P910i could be called the mobile office as the user will always be able to access emails, contact lists, day to day calendar & have great access to the Internet. It is also possible for the user to open, edit & forward attached documents & files as the phone comes with a great range of document reader software. The communication could not be better as the P910i supports multi party calls, which allows several people to take part in a telephone meeting or conference call.

Sony Ericsson have also chosen a Symbian™ OS operating system for the P910i. Symbian™ OS is the global industry standard operating system for mobile phones & it is licensed to the leading handset manufacturers worldwide, which makes it the perfect platform for the Sony Ericsson P910i.


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