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Nokia 3250 Review


Nokia 3250 Review

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It is equipped with a hardware lockagainst random press and features all standard functions: forward,skip, pause and stop. I refer to the MP3 files. Nokia 3250 works withstandard Mass Storage and thus appears as a new drive once connected toa PC. The phone provides direct access to the memory card structure. Iwas wondering where to save music files without using PC Suite. Infact, it is all the same. No matter which folder you locate the filesin they can always be played only as common
sound records. The use of the built-in music player was not possible.

After I installed the data transfer application and the entire PC Suitedelivered with the handset I would keep trying to make music filesbehave as real music file, but not as their poor relatives from theprevious paragraph. My efforts were useless. The player would notrecognize them. I was forced to play them in the way described above. Iam going to keep looking for an answer to this problem though. If I donot find one, I will have no choice but credit this error to theprovisional firmware of the tested piece.

Let me now show you piquancy. Try to guess where in the phone thememory card slot - microSD (TransFlash), the tiniest memory card in theworld - is hidden. When we obtained Nokia 3250 pack and took out thehandset, our entire team put heads together plenty of times looking forthe memory card, but we would not manage to find it. Eventually,embarrassed, we had to open phone's manual. The thumb-nail memory cardis located under a rubber cap on the bottom side of the static part ofthe device.

To get to it you have to first rotate the bottom part of Nokia 3250.Would you have found it here without the help of the manual? The phonecomes along with an enclosed 128 MB card. At the same time the marketoffers microSD of up to 512 MB. Together with the card you will get anadapter for standard-size SD memory card.

Most call functions have remained unchanged. All features we know fromprevious Nokia phones are more or less the same. There are fewnovelties: the quality of the sound is brilliant; the earphone producesclear and strong sound; the loud speaker is unusually powerful. Callscan be recorded, but records are once again limited to a mere minute.The opposite side is alerted about the fact that the call is beingrecorded by a peep sound played every 3 seconds.

Received, missed and dialed calls are saved into independent folders ofthe Log application. Call details include date and time. If calls areexecuted from or to one and the same phone number, they appear in thecall overview as one single call accompanied by the date and the timeof the last try. Calls can be made, messages can be sent, and numberscan be saved straight from the Log. The Protocol keeps a record of theduration of the calls and the transferred data too. This function canonly be activated from the main menu though. It is not availabledirectly from the stand-by mode. In the main menu you will also gainaccess to a detailed log, which stores plenty information about allactivities provided with the phone like calls and data connections, forexample. Unfortunately, there is no option for export of thisinformation out of the phone. The log stores information for a standardperiod of 30 days. Phonebook uses shared memory due to which it can fitalmost unlimited number of contacts and phone numbers. Along with firstand last name, each of which is stored in an independent folder, eachcontact entry can contain the following fields:

company, function, nickname, mobile phone numbers, fixed phone numbers,video call numbers (Nokia 3250 does not work in UMTS), fax numbers,pagers, emails, websites, notes, full street addresses, date of birth.As you can see, the amount of details that can be assigned to eachcontact is immense (I myself counted 38 fields). Besides, it seems thatin a single contact entry Nokia 3250 is able to fit in even theincredible 100 phone numbers.

Gradual searching in the phonebook • new contact entry and working withit What way you will access the phonebook depends only up to you. Setit up yourself. As usual, it is located on first position in the activestand-by mode, but there is no problem to assign it to one of thecontext keys.

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