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Nokia 3250 Review


Nokia 3250 Review

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On the top of it,it is pretty difficult to press. From the camera application you can gostraight into the Gallery. Pictures are opened in a landscape mode soyou will not have to turn the handset back to its standard orientation.Pictures are saved in JPG format. They have EXIF information and aregenerally about 500 KB begin size. Along with full resolution of 1600 x1200 pixels the camera offers two additional sizes of 1152 x 864 and640 x 480 pixels respectively. The camera shoots videos in 3GP formatand in resolution of 176 x 144 pixels as well, but these are suitableto use in multimedia messages at the utmost.

The radio is "Visual", that is, it is able to receive data along withstandard radio broadcast. It works with standard FM bands as well. Thequality of the broadcast reception is surprisingly good. The radio isable to permanently memorize up to 20 stations. It searches signallightning fast. A strong radio broadcast signal comes out almostimmediately after one of the browsing buttons is pressed.

Of course, sound is not as good as the one of music files, but itsquality is satisfactory. The cable of the earphones also serves asantenna and is thus fundamental for work with radio. Nokia 3250 is ableto catch radio signal through a 3.5mm jack too. Radio can be minimized.In such case broadcasted station or frequency (if the station has notbeen saved into phone's memory) is displayed in stand-by mode. I wishsomebody finally implanted an equalizer in radio application.Nevertheless, Nokia 3250's radio is pretty good.

New Nokia 3250 is born to play music. Yet, not everything is as brightas the phone's pink covers. First, not even once did I manage to usethe control buttons situated on the rotary segment of the phone. I haveno other choice but to assume that this problem is caused by thefirmware of the tested model. Let's hope that its final version willwork seamlessly. Let me now plug the enclosed earphones into thehandset.

They are equipped with a standard 3.5 mm jack connector and feature adouble cable of ideal length. Use the sliding cursor to fix the pointwhere the two cables are to meet. The construction of the plug-inearphones is identical to the one we spoke so positively about in thereview on Sony Ericsson W800. They come with several extensions, whichgo deep into one's ears and fill the ear canal completely. There arerubber extensions of three different sizes enclosed in the phone'sdelivery pack.

Unfortunately, Nokia 3250's earphones are rather second-rate. The basselements are poor, while the middle frequencies are sharp. If you can,substitute them with earphones of your own.

I used my Koss Porta Pro. Nevertheless, sound remained lame. That mademe remember the joy I experienced this summer listening to music withSony Ericsson W800. Nokia 3250 scores worse. It does not play the way ahigh-class music phone should play. Sound gets slightly improved if thespace extension function is activated. This function works similarly toSRS WOW in Windows Media Player in PC, or to an equalizer equipped withseveral pre-settings and an option for creation of a brand new preset.

Sound reflection is available in 3 different modes: street, small,medium-size and big room, or a big hall. It makes little sense thoughas the phone creates far greater echo in a small room than in a bigroom or a large hall. Strange, indeed. The music player manages thefollowing formats: eAAC+, AAC+, M4A, MPEG-4 ACC LC, LTP, MP3, AMR-NB,AMR-WB, MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, RealAudio8, RealAudio10, andWMA. It is able to play files randomly as well as repeat one or all ofthem. Once minimized, the name of the played album and its files appearin stand-by mode. Creating one's own playlists is possible, of course.ID3 tags are supported. The player orders files by artist's and album'sname, as well as by genres and composers.

The application itself features very interesting design. Font is quite small, even though it could have easily been bigger.

Next to the Pop-Port the adapter has a "curve" that looks upwards, dueto which it can be comfortably carried in one's pocket. At the end ofthe adapter there is a controller with a built-in microphone, which canalso serve as a handsfree set.

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