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Nokia 3250 Review


Nokia 3250 Review

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Icons represent variousapplications and can get hidden into folders up to the first menulevel. They can also be redistributed and adjusted to user's need sothat frequently used applications appear in the upper line.

The outlook of the display can be modified by using graphic themes,which change not only wallpaper on the main display, but also themenus' background. They also modify icons, colors, symbols etc. Thereare several pre-installed themes in Nokia 3250. More themes can beobtained through downloads, purchase or simply by creating them in PCSuite.

All pre-installed themes:

Generally, smartphones' control is logic. Yet, inexperienced users mayhave difficulties at the beginning. It may take them quite a long timeto get to the main menu, for example. That is why Nokia has developedan application called Instructions, which should get started directlyfrom the right context button (we cannot confirm this information asthe device we tested had been used by somebody else before it got toour office) and explain the basic work steps with Nokia 3250.

Regrettably, Nokia 3250 shares one annoying feature with Nokia N70,that is, a single press on the red receiver button closes runningapplications instead of taking the user back to the main display. Sucha function is extremely unpleasant as you may find yourself with aclosed ICQ client in the middle of an important conversation, forexample.

Turtle express:

Nokia 3250 is notably slower than common mobile phones - a typicalproblem for all smartphones. The device needs about half a minute onlyto get started. No difference as to Nokia 6681, for example.

However, Nokia 3250 performed brilliantly in the Java speed tests.Applying a standard testing process and the JBenchmark application Igot the following results:
  • JBenchmark 1.0: 5897 points
  • JBenchmark 2.0: 534 points
Comparison with Nokia N70:
  • JBenchmark 1.0: 4534 points
  • JBenchmark 2.0: 194 points
Let's approach to the built-in camera now and to the photo applicationalone, in particular. When you take pictures with Nokia 3250, hold ithorizontally, just like you would do with a common digital camera. Theviewfinder is big enough. It does not cut images, but shows themexactly the way they are going to appear in the final picture. In theupper left corner you will see a number indicating how many picturescan still be taken according to the free space both in the phone'smemory and on the memory card.

Built-in camera lens:

On the right you will find the zoom indicator. The camera is equippedwith a full-function 4x digital zoom that works in 10 steps. The zoomdoes not crop images. Half zoom-in is quite efficient (see pictures).Images loses quality when the highest zoom-in degree is applied. Thatis why I recommend you first to take a standard picture and then cut itout in a special application for picture modifications supplied in thephone. Zoom is controlled by either the joystick, or the forward andbackward buttons of the music player.

Camera interface:

Exposition in Nokia 3250 is not possible to compensate, which is apity. The sky was quite cloudy when I was taking the following samplephotos, but even so the camera would over expose. I simply cannot getrid of the impression that pictures are misty, but I guess this goes onaccount of the color performance, as details are depicted well. As amatter of fact, much better than in Nokia 6280, for example.

White color balance is applied in four modes: automatic, sunny,fluorescent lamp and electric lamp. In the menu you will also find aself-release option that offers waiting time of 10, 20 and 30 seconds.Sequent capture is available too. As to the night mode, this ratherincreases pictures' noise level than make them brighter.

Camera settings:

The miserable part here is text. It is not legible no matter whatdistance I capture it from. Following logic you can suppose the sameevaluation hold true for any closely situated object. No doubt a macromode would have come in handy. If you are a rather artistic type youmay want to make use of other color tones like sepia, black &white, and negative.

The crank of the keypad is interesting. Due to it the phone offers avery comfortable hand-hold. Be careful however not to shade the cameralens with your fingers. Unfortunately, the lens is not protectedagainst damage while inactive.

The camera menu is quite problematic to control as the joystick isdifficult to access when the bottom part is rotated.

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