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Nokia 3250 Review


Nokia 3250 Review

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It moves in four-rev cycles. Stopping is precise,and is accompanied by a pleasant dimmed clap. Apart from fulfillingcertain functions rotating is also quite entertaining and reminds me ofRubik's famous cube. I can assure you that if not on Nokia 3250's coloryour friends' looks will certainly lay down on phone's rotary keypad.

Main number and letter keys are good. Rubber layer guarantees perfectadhesion between them and user's fingers. The keypad is so wellelaborated that you will hardly ever write so fast to "make it sweat".Reactions are exact, uplift and overall work are brilliant. All keysare illuminated in white, except for the two receivers, which keeptheir original color. The left key column seems to illuminate a bitless than the others. In general, however, the backlighting of Nokia3250 is above average standard.

If you turn the left side of the keypad towards you, you will see thelens of the built-in camera. This position is ideal for self-portraits.Camera is activated from the main menu. If you turn the keypad theopposite way, the camera application starts running by itself. If youturn the keypad to 360°, you will see in front of you four buttons thatget automatically illuminated. They control the music player.

What I cannot get is why the buttons serving the music player remainilluminated even after the keypad has been turned back to its originalposition. To make number keys start to illuminate again you will haveto turn the keypad to the position I described first (with the cameralooking at you) for a moment and then turn it back. Another drawback -the music player does not get started automatically once the keypad hasbeen turned around, but has to be selected from the menu instead.

Incompatible applications:

Nokia 3250 is the first smartphone to feature the new 9.1 versions ofSymbian OS. It comes along with various innovative functions, but alsowith one very disappointing drawback: it is incompatible with olderapplications. I tried to install a few programs into the phone, butevery time I was shown the same error message "Download not supportedby the system".

Such a restriction complicates the situation a lot, as programmanufacturers will now have to prepare new versions of their products,while users will spend unnecessary long time searching for these newversions, downloading them, pre-registering them etc. For this reasonour team did not manage to install our picture saving program intoNokia 3250's Symbian, which led to the necessity to take pictures ofphone's display by the use of a standard camera, just like we would dowith a non-smart phone. Original graphic themes are not applicable,either.

Most images on the main display - time, date, day, operator's logo, andthe battery and network indicators - have remained unchanged. In thebottom bar you will see the names of the two applications assigned tothe buttons below the display (customizable). Font type and size arenew.

Main display and Active stand-by mode:

In the middle of the display you will find the common active stand-bydisplay, which first appeared in Nokia 6681. Nokia 3250 features sixicons for fast activation of frequently used programs instead of five.All icons are customizable in accordance with user's preference. Belowthis bar you will see the events of the day according to the calendaror the first event of the following day. The number of unaccomplishedtasks, the name of the respective MP3 file (if played), as well asradio frequency/station (if active) are displayed in this area too.Besides, all blocks listed above are active, that is, by marking themyou go directly to the calendar, the task manager, the MP3 player, theradio.

There is one trouble though. All moves in the active stand-by mode aremade via the joystick, which restricts the functionality of its ways.They can no more be used for fast opening of frequently usedapplications. However, at the same time the stand-by mode can bedeactivated. In this case Nokia 3250 behaves like older smartphones.
One more line Main menu is displayed in a standard matrix of icons.Originally, all smartphones featured a 3 x 3 matrix. Nokia 3250 hasfour of them. Its matrix menu consists of 4 lines x 3 segments, whichfit in seamlessly as display is big enough. Yet, let me remind you onceagain that a bit higher resolution would have made images look muchmore vivid and sharp.

Matrix format is not necessary:

Menu can be displayed as a list of items too.

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