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Nokia 3250 Review


Nokia 3250 Review

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Nokia's portfolio features another new music phone and that's the Nokia3250. The device features a 2 megapixel camera, a built-in radio, thelatest Symbian OS 9.1; on the top of it, it uses the tiniest memorycards in the world and comes with a wide range of accessories. If youwonder whether you should buy Nokia 3250 or Sony Ericsson W800, readour detailed review, which we hope will help you to make the rightdecision.

Key Features:

  • Unusual rotary construction
  • solid body and well elaborated construction
  • Symbian 9.1 OS
  • Active stand-by mode
  • Good keypad
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Built-in radio
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Exceptionally fast Java
  • Powerful loudspeaker
  • Main disadvantages:
  • Incompatibility with older applications
  • Lower speed compared with common mobile phones
  • Not highest resolution display
  • Red receiver key closes running applications
  • Music player works weirdly
  • Bad camera macro mode
  • No infrared port
Nokia launched a real temptation for music and techno fans, as well asfor all those, who buy objects that provoke others' admiration. It hassucceeded the notoriously famous 3230 model modifying its keypad andconstruction. However, pay attention to one very important detail:Nokia 3250 is not just another example of the groove play of "pick up asuccessful device, add some colors and a pair of new functions, andstart selling it as a brand new model..."Being the first phone on themarket to feature Symbian OS in 9.1 version it's worth much more.

Before I saw the dimensions of Nokia's newly prepared music phone inSeptember last year, I had thought that the device would be muchtinier. Besides, it is exactly how it looks in all official photos evennowadays. Held in hand, however, it feels quite big (104 x 50 x 20 mm)and heavy (115 grams). I myself tend to like heavier and bigger devicesthough, because they look more solid.

In any case, Nokia 3250 is not a phone you can easily stick into yourpocket. Our team was provided with the pink version of Nokia 3250,which made me feel somewhat embarrassed in public. Nevertheless, thepink nuance used on Nokia 3250 is pretty nice. It resembles theold-fashioned rose pink. The glossy frame around the display iselaborated in a similar color. I guess in this case women will hardlyhave problems to decide which version to buy. As to men, they willprobably go for one of the
other three options - green, black or silver.

The covers of the phone are irremovable, which promises that itsconstruction should be of the pretty solid ones. And it really is. Allparts of the phone stick together very well, giving a strong impressionof firmness. In other words, Nokia 3250's body is one of the best onthe entire mobile phones market. The lateral sides of the device,including those constituting part of the bottom rotary segment, are allmade of metal. They close all parts of the body so firmly that it doesnot give a single creak or crunch. Both top and bottom areas of themetal lateral sides are decorated with plastic capsule.

The only elements that "disturb" the metal lateral parts of the phoneare the Pop-Port cap, the charge connector, and the locks of the rearcover. The Pop-Port cap is made of hard rubber and holds firm. It seemslike it is going to last for some time. Nevertheless it could have beenhooked to the body of the phone by a tiny narrow pillar in order to beconstantly connected to the device. As this is not the case, I managedto lose it about 5 times within two days. Nokia 3250 is a music phone,which requires frequent use of plug-in earphones, so why does the userhave to constantly think about a miniature cap hidden in one of thecorners of their pocket or wallet?

The rear cover of the device gets open through a press on the abovementioned locks, which are situated in its bottom area and look likerectangle pads. The rear cover is marked by a huge glossy logo "NOKIA".Once the cover has been removed, you will see a lithium-polymer batteryBP-6M of 1100 mAh capacity, which is bigger than the one we have seenin other phones of Series 60. In this aspect, the officially announced245 hours of stand-by and 180 minutes of calls is probably quiterealistic.

I am not able to provide you with exact and true details on Nokia3250's battery life as I have been testing it pretty intensively.Besides, I have had it for a few days only. Of course, you should keepin mind that playing music is a highly energy-consuming activity.According

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