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Nokia 6500 Review


Nokia 6500 Review

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Nokia's 6500 has a standard design for this class handsets, measuring 43 x 97 x 21 mm and 88 grams. Despite the weight it has a good feel in the hand, and the good shaped plastic body and styled highlights give it an attractive and nice look.The black and white display is ideal for text, messages and simple pictures like logos and picture massages.The display resolution 96 x 60 pixel is not very high but is normal for small phone like this.

The left side of the unit holds a spacious volume rocker.

Lacking LEDs of any kind, however, the display - combined with vibration and audible alerts - is the 6500's only way of notifying users of new messages and missed calls. This is common for all Nokia handsets, requiring users to inconveniently have to pick up and activate the device to see whether any alerts are waiting rather than just glance at it.

The 6500 is not comfortable for hold in ones hand because it is too wide.Sporting a simple and user friendly menu in style with other recent Nokia handsets.The plastic keypad has good placed keys, with the comfortable center keys, make the phone easer to dial.

Dual band 900/1800 MHz connectivity isn't all the Nokia 6500 has to offer: there's also support for HSCSD, GPRS, SMS, .infrared old wireless device,GPRS support is the fastest way to download files with your mobile, HSCSD support gives more speed when you browse with your mobile browser,and spacious phone book.. The 6500 also comes with an Secure Digital (SD) and expansion slot located under its battery,a 16-128 MB card comes bundled in the sales package, more space for images audio and video files, less time for PC and communication cable for updating internal memory,

Audio quality on the 6500 was crystal clear, and signal quality was good. The removable 750 mAh Li-ion battery is rated for 4 hours talk time or 180 hours standby, which is quite low given the battery's theoretical capacity. Charge time is about 112 minutes.


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