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Motorola RAZR D3 Review


Motorola RAZR D3 Review

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Motorola RAZR D3, a cellular phone with nice performance, Android 4.1.2, selections between one or 2 chips, style characteristic of the RAZR family and priced very cool. Let’s check what are the great and unhealthy points of this model.

Equipped with a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor with ARMv7 design, PowerVR SGX 531 GPU and 1GB of RAM, the Motorola RAZR D3 surprises. The package is mechanical man 4.1.2 (better called Jelly Bean), and also the manufacturer has ensured that the cell is already ready to receive the upgrade following version of mechanical man. The interface is kind of nice, there ar many ways in which to customise menus, and make folders to multiple applications inside them. additionally, the motorola RAZR D3 has Google currently, a service that mixes many period of time info regarding the traffic within the town, on the score of his team, the weather, and still gets reminders of all of your appointments and Day birthdays.

In motorola RAZR D3 performance testing, we tend to conducted many measurements. within the  motorola RAZR D3 transition from menus, to open and shut applications, good phone Motorola has not suffered from gagging. Let multiple applications running directly (multitasking) and everything flowed a beauty. With casual games like Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride and unhealthy Piggies, we tend to had no issues. Already with recreational vehicle Blitz games Temple Run and a pair of noticed  some hiccups however nothing that disturbed and irritated. however with the new Real athletics three ar robust and fastened the gameplay is seriously hors de combat. we tend to additionally did some tests with artificial benchmarks. Applications put in and ran Antutu and Quadrant (both offered on Google Play). The first, that evaluates the Motorola RAZR D3 in arithmetic process and graphical, noted 7496 points. The second, that measures the process capability of mechanical man handsets, the Smartphone scored 3334 points. Compare these results with different devices on the reviews page Bond card game. 2 different tests and benchmarks ar NenaMark1 NenaMark2. Motorola RAZR D3 measured in each the speed of frames per second that the good phone is capable of enjoying. Motorola RAZR D3 is critical that the best is thirty FPS so there’s no reasonably choking. within the case of D3, it reached fifty six.2 and a pair of8 FPS, severally, below the expected result. Compare these results with different devices on the reviews page Bond card game.


Right away we’ve got already noted that Motorola RAZR D3 has an interior cupboard space of four GB, but only 2.33 GB is accessible for the user to put in applications, transfer music, videos and photos. To mitigate this, the Motorola RAZR D3 incorporates a slot for microSD cards, which might be inserted up to thirty two GB model. No copy within the package. One detail we tend to noticed  is that once the inner memory is full, you can’t install additional apps on Motorola RAZR D3. MicroSD card you’ll be able to place photos, music and videos, however applications or suppose. though there’s AN choice to choose wherever they’ll be recorded, however even selecting? Coyote State Card? nothing was resolved. you can’t even move applications to the mobile storage.

The Motorola RAZR D3 uses traditional SIM give the question and property the phone may be a full plate with 3G, Wi-Fi b / g / n, AGPS (signal quickly and handle voice navigation worked well), Bluetooth four.0, Wi-Fi Direct and NFC (feature that enables simplified transactions, knowledge exchange, and wireless connections between 2 devices near every other). sadly, the device lacks a video output microHDMI. Perhaps, the best size for a screen lately is that the four in..


Motorola RAZR D3 isn’t as giant nor too tiny. The good phone Motorola bet these dimensions and with 480 by 800 pixels great ape and technology (resistant to scratches and scrapes), the show showed smart sensitivity. With touches precise response to commands is incredibly smart. the photographs were terribly lovely. The brightness is nice, even in bright places the read is nice. The virtual QWERTY keyboard has keys with smart size and offers a decent typewriting. The mechanical man buttons (Back, Home and Multitasking) ar a part of the screen.


Motorola RAZR D3 deliberation simply a hundred and twenty grams and reduced size (6 cm wide, one cm thick and eleven.9 in height), the look of the Motorola RAZR D3 follows the RAZR family. With smart attainment manufactured from durable plastic, the rear is rough-textured and reminds all models RAZR with Kevlar, solely the Motorola RAZR D3 doesn’t have it.

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