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Sony Xperia tipo dual Review


Sony Xperia tipo dual Review

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Sony has a tradition to introduce the unique products with charming features. It has a wide range of quality product, high market share and the name of Sony acts as quality assurance of the product. Sony has introduced its new product series 'Sony Xperia' mobile phones and from past experience we can say that the product is a good offer to the market. Sony has announced three handsets to get an entry to the category of Smartphones. The features and specs of the Xperia Dual makes it a high price phone. The built of the phone is not much different from other comparative phone but its rounded bottom side gives a stylish look to Xperia Dual.

Dual Sim

Sony follows the trend of producing dual sim mobile phones. As Xperia Dual is a competitor of HTC, Samsung and Nokia Smartphones and all these manufacturers have launched different dual sim models like HTC Desire V, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos etc. so Sony also incorporate the feature dual sim support in Sony Xperia series. Sony Xperia Dual is a dual sim and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) based mobile phone. On the right side of the phone there is dedicated key for switching the sim cards and you can also automate the phone to swap between them at different times of the day.


Memory wise the phone is quite good, got the memory of 2.9 GB but the storage capacity for user is 2.5 GB and supports microSD up to 32 GB. You can save all your documents and data in your mobile phone.


It features a 3.2-inch touch screen display with 480×320 pixel resolution and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor that is very efficient and fast. The touch screen has high resolution and presents super fine graphics of vivid colors. Its screen is mirror like and got protection from scratches. Xperia Dual Share will be available in black and white color. It has an easy set-up guide to describe the phone functionalities and system. It seems to be a compact phone that many people would like to slip into their pockets.


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