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Samsung C3782 Evan Review


Samsung C3782 Evan Review

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Samsung has always kept its pace along the other market leaders like Nokia. The battle is yet to be decided between the giants. Nokia announced its series of mobile phones which is followed by the Koreans in the form of Samsung C3782 Evan. This cell phone belongs to the same category and is much more specification rich than the competitors. Samsung has its all eyes focused on the market and its dynamics. Market was actually demanding a lower middle cadre mobile phone with some newer features which could attract the buyers. Realizing the opportunity Samsung has decided to unleash Samsung C3782 Evan as their new representative in the arena.

Samsung C3782 Evan is a beautiful mobile phone with an impressive and prestigious look. It has a complete package comprising of a comprehensive display and keypad and a traditional superb stylish appearance in black. Other than that it has a superior camera of 3.15 mega pixels as compared to others in the league.

Samsung C3782 Evan has all other features as well which are considered as integral parts for the success of a particular mobile phone. Samsung has also realized the trend and need of the buyers of a larger storage capacity. Samsung C3782 Evan has a maximum capability of 32 GB which surely is sufficient for any of the user.


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