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Samsung I9500 Fraser Review


Samsung I9500 Fraser Review

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Koreans have a resolve to excel in mobile phone manufacturing industry. Samsung has an efficient R&D department which always comes with something new and remarkable. Sometimes companies have to produce some products merely to establish their supremacy in the market. Brand equity could not be loosened at any cost. Especially when there is such a severe competition going on between some companies it becomes further imperative. This 3G mobile phone is going to create a thrill in the market. Sometimes we encounter such accomplished and comprehensive products that we feel short of proper words to describe their perfectness.


Samsung I9500 Fraser is a mobile phone which is made to finally settle the desires of those who always wanted a bigger display. If you have got small hands do not go for Samsung I9500 Fraser. Its dimensions are 153.9 x 76.4 x 14.8 mm. it has a 4.65 inches touch screen with multi touch. Displays bigger than that, can’t be referred as mobile phones.


Its 16 GB of internal memory should be sufficient for you but if still you want more you can upgrade it to double by a memory card.


Photography has become more fun these days with the inventions like digital cams and cell phone cameras. Some of the cell phone cameras are joining the leagues of fully fledged digital cameras. 8 mega pixels camera of Samsung I9500 Fraser is not less than any digital camera with same pixels and lens. It can generate superior quality pictures and videos.

Operating System & Hardware

It has got a Tizen operating system with Exynos chipset and a Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 processor with 1 GB Ram. These specifications are like the top most of the cone of the pyramid. This hardware software combination ensures performance and reliability.


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