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Samsung Focus 2 I667 Review


Samsung Focus 2 I667 Review

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One of the comments I saw for a Samsung mobile phone was titling it as a copycat. Not Samsung, but many other companies use the methods of others for manufacturing certain handsets. This new model, Samsung Focus 2 I667 is also castigated to be the copied style of Galaxy S3. But some copied features and some original ones have made a fantastic blend which is Samsung Focus 2 I667 and I like this Smart Phone myself as I have checked its specification.

Body Design & Structure

I was talking about this section in earlier lines. The design looks similar to the Galaxy S 3, according to some people, but there are minor changes in this Samsung Focus 2 mobile phone like molded corners and rounded shape with flatter back panel. Rests of the features are trendy like its Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen (16M colors) that features multi touch functionality. This screen will get odd very soon with the affects of your finger smudges, as there is no Corning Gorilla Glass protection to it. The white color of its body looks attractive and beautiful.

Camera & Its Features

Although, 5 MP camera is very good but it could be improved for compatibility with all other functionalities. Along with video recording facility, you can also make live video calls all over the world with a front VGA camera.

Performance & Other Features

The AT&T subscribers should have to interact with Mango operating system using speeds of single over clocked processor of 1.4 GHz. The expectations for dual core could not be fulfilled, as it cannot work on Windows Mango operating system. The chipset technology is old fashioned i.e. the Qualcomm Snapdragon. The wonderful graphical density is ensured due to the embedded Adreno 205 GPU. For storage purposes, this Samsung Focus 2 I667 mobile phone offers only internal memory of 8GB. No card slot is there. No Java applications too. The only way for enjoyment is the usual MP4 and MP3 players are installed in this Smart Phone. No need to mention the Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and USB as these are the part of every Smart Phone. The NFC (Near Field Communication) is lacking here.

The Samsung Focus 2 I667 is a good device and no strong marketing campaigns are required for increasing its sales ratios as only AT&T subscribers can lease it. The features in this mobile phone are common that are often misunderstood as copied, but this is not the case. Companies have to keep a certain level of their goodwill to survive in the market and Samsung is well aware of this phenomenon.


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