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Samsung C3752 Review


Samsung C3752 Review

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Samsung C3752 is a double SIM mobile phone which has been supplied into the three fold SIM pail of Samsung mobiles. Both the SIM identity cards run on the GSM mesh and this is a slipper cast gene headphone.

This mobile phone comes equipped with a 2.4 column inch TFT video display blind which is capable of supplying a pel count of 240x320 pixels. This blind can be slid up to reveal the alphameric computer keyboard which consists of substantially spaced and large keys for easy and commodious texting. The size as well as pel enumeration of the screen is fairly good and superior to that of Spice C6600. The microSD identity card slot which comes along with  C3752 lets users expound the external remembering quad by up to 16GB. The connectivity options proffered with mobile phone are Bluetooth, USB port and cyberspace alternatives such as GPRS and WAP browser.

One of the major drawbacks colligated with C3752 is the fact that it comes with a 900mAh assault and battery which doesnt genuinely take care of the talking time that it offers. Yet the sound quality may not try out to be as good as one would require from a telephone at this Mary Leontyne Price. The 3.2 MILITARY POLICE photographic camera is fine but doesnt actually record high quality tvs. With all these negative characteristics, Samsung C3752 seems like an all right modelling.


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