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Samsung Exhilarate Review


Samsung Exhilarate Review

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The Samsung Exhilarate will truly exhilarate the vibes of the AT&T subscribers with its amazing feel and features that make it a truly class of its own. The smart and stylish body of this mobile is what classifies Exhilarate as a smart and durable phone. The 4-inch TFT super AMOLED touch screen with multi-touch support delivers a smooth and quite responsive use of this gadget. Other features of the Samsung Exhilarate are nothing to fancy about which enumerate it as a midrange mobile phone with 4G communication support. It also supports 3G and WiFi communication support and comes integrated with and HTML based internet browser with Adobe flash. Default Google applications and tools in this smartphone also makes it a truly made to communicate device.

The internet in this device works very smoothly and with smooth live video streaming and running of internet-based applications. Samsung Exhilarate comes with a fine blend of made to entertain features. What impresses is its high quality multimedia player that supports a wide range of media types and it’s amazing audio output. With the support of external memory up to 32GB it can turn into an ultimate data storage warehouse. In addition, the Java MIDP emulator in this device makes java applications run smoothly. The document viewer and image viewer and editor adds a more professional touch to the Samsung Exhilarate qualifying it to become a premier choice for anyone. Overall, the features are quite moderate of the Samsung Exhilarateand would be targeted to a focused community.


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