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Samsung S5260 Star II Review


Samsung S5260 Star II Review

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The Samsung S5260 Star II is a stylish & compact handset with an attractive & fashionable casing. The casing is tactile & glamorous looking as it has a high gloss appearance. This touch screen mobile phone comes with a good selection of features, technologies & capabilities which include a 3 inch touch screen, Wi-Fi® technology, a 3.1 megapixel camera, Internet access & the user can enjoy music or video playback for entertainment.

Appearance & Size

Its overall appearance is very pleasing on the eye as it coming in a high gloss casing with a smooth flat surface. The handset is available in a black or white coloured casing which looks & feels great to hold in the hand. The size of the casing is pocket friendly which is 10.75cm tall, 5.4cm wide & 1.24cm deep, plus it only weighs 94 grams. On the front of the Samsung S5260 Star II there is a three inch touch screen as well as a stylish rectangle shaped navigation control key & two call keys. On the back of the casing is a neatly built in camera lens which allows the user to capture videos & photos on their new & fashionable Samsung touch screen phone. An on screen keypad & keyboard will appear on the touch screen when required by the user, which allows the user to input numeric & alphabetic text easily. It has a fun & colourful style user interface which is customisable & supports widgets which can be selected by the user to suit their preference.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

The rear facing camera lens has a 3.1 megapixel lens which allows the user to capture fun snaps of their friends or even record videos for entertainment. The S5260 Star II has a photo album which means the user can store their best shots in their album for viewing at a later time. Video footage can be captured at up to fifteen frames per second & video playback can be enjoyed in many different formats. A built in radio & music player provides a fun listening experience for the user & the radio feature supports a FM tuner as well as a radio data system. This touch screen is equipped with easy to use media & entertainment features which will appeal to all users & it is sure to provide enough entertainment for the user on the move.

Communication & Messaging

The S5260 Star II comes with many call features which will assist the user when communicating with friends, & the phones integrated speakers allow the user to have a hands free call over the loud speakers if required. The user can access a list of calls dialled, received & missed on the handset in the call log. A vibration alert feature can be set when the user does not want to be disturbed by a ringing phone but still wishes to know when a new message or call arrives on their phone, & a gentle vibration of the handset will let the user know when this new message or calls arrives. Other forms of communication including messaging are available to the user & provide the user with the freedom to communicate using the best possible method available to suit their needs. The phones messaging services include multimedia messaging, email, instant messaging & text messaging. The Samsung S5260 Star II also comes with social network site integration which includes Facebook® & Twitter®, allowing the user to access these Websites to view all the latest updates.

Technology & Internet

Wi-Fi® technology allows the user to gain quick access to the Internet via a nearby wireless LAN or hotspot & the phone has a built in WAP browser. This stunning touch screen phone works over four GSM networks & will automatically switch between networks to provide the user with the best connectivity. It comes with thirty megabytes of built in memory & has a memory card option which will hold sixteen gigabytes of further memory if desired by the user. To connect to other devices the user can use Bluetooth® wireless connectivity or the USB connect port. When the handset is connected to another compatible device the user can transfer data easily & enjoy high speed transfer rates from device to device.


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