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LG Cosmos Touch Review


LG Cosmos Touch Review

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For those who are not ready for a smartpone yet, LG Cosmos Touch is ready for you. The new feature phone is due to hit shelves tomorrow. This is an inexpensive feature phone that some call a “dumbphone”. It comes with a small touch screen that hides a manual keyboard underneath. This slider phone is 103 millimeters tall by 17 millimeters thick. For readers from the United States, that is four inches tall by .67 inch thick. For comparison, the Nokia N8 is just .51 inch ( 12.9 millimeters ) thick.

The screen on the LG Cosmos Touch is 2.8 inches in size. It is created with regular LCD construction, not AMOLED. It is about the size of Blackberry devices. It will be hard to see web pages, if the user plans on using it for that. The resolution is an average 240 by 400 pixels. This gives it decent clarity for its size. One feature of the Cosmos Touch display is the ability to turn it from portrait to landscape mode. The manual keyboard is the familiar QWERTY style for texting or sending emails. It has four rows plus arrow keys to help with navigation on the screen.

Do not count on Wi-Fi with the LG Cosmos Touch. It also does not have the “regular” wireless connections like EDGE, GPRS or 3G. What it does have is bluetooth in an older version. Version 3.0 is the latest, and this phone has it in version 2.1. The only high speed wireless connection is 1xRTT. This runs at 60 to 80 kilobytes per second. Compare that to Wi-Fi “N” which is around ten times faster.

The camera on the LG Cosmos Touch is a smallish 1.3 megapixel in power. This is fine for taking pictures, but not for video. The camera is set up for video, but do not look for good quality from the clips. There is no secondary camera.

One of the better features on the LG Cosmos Touch is the VZ Navigator system. This is a “turn by turn” guidance system. The GPS chip in the phone allows the guidance system to be used easily. It should be hard to get lost with a Cosmos Touch in your hand. Java language is included in the phone for downloading games and playing them. The web browser is an Openwave model in version Do not expect to surf much with it, but consider it a useful tool for seeing sites that are ready for mobile surfing.

There are three messenging services the LG Cosmos Touch can handle; SMS, MMS and email. This is one of the more important uses of the phone since music, video and internet are limited. The SMS section has predictive text input. LG gave the Cosmos Touch a 1000 mAh battery that allows for six hours of talk time. That is about average for most phones.


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