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HTC 7 Pro Review


HTC 7 Pro Review

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HTC have designed a range of Windows Phone 7 Smartphone's which includes this attractive slide opening & touch screen designed HTC 7 Pro Smartphone. The 7 Pro is a compact Smartphone due to its touch screen being a practical size & its compact slide out designed keyboard. Included in this high profile Smartphone range are other handset such as the HTC 7 Mozart & the HTC 7 Trophy which all support Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating systems. The main features on the HTC 7 Pro include a stylish live tile user interface, amazing Windows 7 applications, WVGA touch screen, its slide & tilt design QWERTY keyboard, a five megapixel digital camera with high definition video recording, 3G HSDPA technology, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® wireless connectivity & easy to use Web browsing.

Appearance & Size

This handset has a solid feel casing which weighs one hundred & eighty five grams which feels good to hold in its user's hand. The 7 Pro is not a big Smartphone due to its well proportion touch screen & slide out keyboard design & its dimensions make it a pocket friendly devices for carrying purposes. It measures 11.75cm tall by 5.9cm wide by 1.55cm deep which gives it a slightly chunky feel due to its depth & its slide open design, but this provided the user with a well proportioned casing which is highly useable for carrying, holding & overall usability. Its slide out QWERTY keyboard appears neatly from the left hand side of the casing & has a subtle tilt design allowing the user to enjoy this keyboard in a comfortable & usable position when the handset is in its horizontal mode, plus a wide screen viewing display. The HTC 7 Pro has a beautifully clear 3.6 inch touch screen which provides a high colour display along with a clear resolution viewing experience for viewing videos & photos. This screen supports an automatic rotate feature plus an ambient light sensor for a useable & clear viewing experience. The interface is colourful & clear along with a live tile home screen allowing the user to customise their screen with their favourite features & applications. When inputting numeric text the user can use a touch screen virtual keypad, or for high speed alphabetic input the side slide keyboard will ensure an easy input method.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

This outstanding Windows Phone 7 Smartphone supports HTC Hub applications & the user can choose their preferred apps for their needs, plus the user can view & use Microsoft Office applications on their Smartphone. A lively gaming experience can be enjoyed via the Xbox LIVE® feature which is an integrated feature on the HTC 7 Pro providing the user with an assortment of action packed games where the user can play along with friends online. For imaging the user can snap away using the integrated five megapixel camera which supports a range for high quality imaging features as well as high definition video recording capabilities. The camera lens is built into the back of the casing & the user can use the touch screen as a viewing display when capturing or recording footage. There is an integrated flash function, a selection of scene capturing modes & an automatic focus option available to the user. The user can share photos with others via their Facebook® account, via Windows Live® messenger, via SkyDrive® or via email. A wide screen viewing position can be used when the user is playing back video footage or enjoying a movie on their Smartphone for entertainment. A private listening experience can be enjoyed when the user is using the handsets music player by simply inserting a set of compatible headphones or earphones. The user may prefer to hear their music out loud over the phones speaker system which provides a clear surround sound experience to be enjoyed by the user & others around them. The HTC 7 Pro supports a Zune® music hub allowing the user to download new music easily.

Communication & Messaging

Social network websites have become increasingly popular providing a means of communication between users, & the HTC 7 Pro supports social network integration for its user to gain quick access to their Facebook®, Windows Live™ & Twitter® accounts. The user can update their contacts details easily which are all stored on their handset & contacts management allows the user to edit, delete & add information to their stored contacts list. Messaging services allow the user to communicate with compatible messaging contacts by sharing either text alone or photos & videos can be shared with others complete with sound & text in a MMS message.

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