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HTC Desire Z Review


HTC Desire Z Review

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The HTC Desire Z is an amazing touch screen 3G Smartphone which has been designed for usability, along with its assortment of built in features & easy to use slide out designed QWERTY keyboard. This Smartphone comes with a stunningly designed casing & supports a highly useable Android™ 2.2 Froyo operating system
. It is a member of the Desire range which includes other HTC Smartphone's such as the HTC Desire & the HTC Desire HD. The Desire Z is slightly deeper in size than the original HTC Desire, but this is due to its slide out keyboard design. The Desire Z supports a powerful processor, amazing user interface, five megapixel camera feature, an array of messaging services, music playing features & easy to use call features.

Appearance & Size

Its casing has a smooth but tactile coating which makes it easy to hold & open & it comes in a stylish black colour which gives it a sophisticated appearance. The slide out QWERTY keyboard simply slides from the left hand side of the casing which gives the user a wide keyboard layout. It is fairly large in size due to its screen size & its slide out keyboard design, but it is not too large to hold & its extra weight gives it a high quality feel. The Desire Z weighs one hundred & thirty five grams & its dimensions when closed are 11.9cm by 6.04cm by 1.42cm. It has a good size touch screen which measures 3.7 inches from corner to corner plus this screen supports a high colour display with a beautiful screen resolution provided when the user is viewing photos & videos. Its HTC Sense™ user interface is easy to use & supports a customisable home screen options allowing the user to give their Smartphone a personal design.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

For entertainment the user can download games which can be controlled using the touch screen. The user may prefer to listen to music for entertainment which can be gained using the music playing feature or by tuning into their preferred radio station. There is a five megapixel digital camera lens on the rear of the casing which provides a still photo capturing or video recording feature for the user to enjoy on the move. There is a wide variety of settings, imaging options & features which will help the user to gain the best quality finish to their photos or recordings. A pinch to zoom can be used on the touch screen & the user may choose a face detection setting when taking photos. When recording videos the user simply selects the video option & can record moving footage in 3GP format. Video playback is possible which provides another form of entertainment on the HTC Desire Z & the user can playback videos in MPEG4, 3GP, 3G2 & Windows Media Video 9 formats, plus this Smartphone supports DLNA®.

Communication & Messaging

The HTC Desire Z comes with integrated social network applications which include both Facebook® & Twitter® applications, allowing the user of this amazing Smartphone to access these popular social network websites easily & providing a form of communication between other users. The Desire Z also supports a friends stream feature & HTC peep for tweeting which is fun to use & useful for all those Twitter loving users. There are many useful messaging services which include an instant messaging service allowing the user to communicate using text & symbols whilst taking part in an online chat with their friends. The user may prefer to communicate with business contacts or friends via email which is possible on the HTC Desire Z complete with document attachment support. This Smartphone supports multimedia messaging which allows its user to share photos, sound & video recording in a message or text message can be created & shared with other SMS contacts. The HTC Desire Z makes communication easy for its user by providing a wide selection of easy to access & use communication features.

Technology & Internet

The Desire Z comes with 1.5 gigabytes of internal memory & has 512 megabytes of RAM. There is a memory card option which will hold up to 32 gigabytes of external memory in the form of a MicroSD™ memory card. An integrated GPS navigation feature provides the user with guidance to their next location whether the user is travelling by foot of by car. There is a user friendly browser providing a social network compatible Web experience on this Smartphone & the user can gain access to the Web using the phones WiFi® capabilities.

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