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LG C105 Review


LG C105 Review

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Consumer interest with the QWERTY phones will be the spirit for some vendors to release a new mobile phone. No exception for LG Electronics, through a series of LG C105. Back low-end segment is selected as the field plots, remember this is still considered a niche market is very potential to profit.
Previously LG are quite optimistic with the LG GW300, which was followed by LG GW305 to boost cell phone sales. Through the LG C105 is expected to wash excess profits, given the price can be ascertained from the side of the LG C105 is much more affordable. It’s known, ‘power’ features two senior level below the carrying these.
Design sector spelled similar to GW305, which looks quite stylish and elegant. Limited to 1.3 megapixel camera with video facilities. To access the virtual nature cruise, LG C105 simply rely on the path GPRS / EDGE, considering 3G/HSDPA technology is not supported. This is reasonable if it is true this LG C105 is valued quite cheap.
Similar to the two seniors, LG C105 equipped with an integrated social networking applications. There are Facebook and Twitter. Only 7 MB of internal memory, but microSD card expansion slot is available. In addition to an MP3 player, Motorola C105 also has FM radio facility, with FM recording feature, which lets users record radio broadcasts.


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