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LG Optimus Chic Review


LG Optimus Chic Review

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LG has harnessed innovation in its latest mobile technology to bring about a fusion of astonishing looks and cutting-edge features are its all new optimus series of smartphones. It is a product of LG’s recent campaign to make the information-dominated lifestyles of the users extremely convenient. The LG Optimus series of smartphones will run on different operating systems. LG will initiate by launching ten phones under the Optimus series by the second part of this year. These smartphones will be adorned with a number of glaring specs and features to meet the growing and diverse requirements of the users.

LG Optimus will alter the concept of people that to perform various functions, different devices are required. LG Optimus series smartphones will integrate all the functionality in one device. LG believes in ‘simplifying lives’ and so it has devised the Optimus series so that diverse needs of the customers are satiated under one roof.

LG has gone through widespread consumer R&D before coming with the Optimus series. According to a recently-conducted survey by LG, the three necessary things, which must be present in a smartphone and are looked for by all the users, are ease in searching info, faster response time and user friendliness.Besides, LG questioned people on their likes and dislikes regarding the smartphone they were using. So, one can expect LG Optimus series to be extremely customer-centric.

The LG Optimus Chic and One are Android-based devices integrating 2.2 Froyo Android platform. The Optimus Chic, as the name itself suggests, will click the fashion enthusiasts with its well-crafted style and design as well as soft-smooth lines. The Optimus series too sports a look and a design that goes with every mood and every personality.

LG Optimus One is powered by the latest mobile features by Google. It also establishes a global seamless connection. The connectivity to the Android market via the Optimus One will offer an unfiltered and genuine user experience. It also includes an easy UI and many multimedia options to bring an easy to use mobile environment and convenience in handling to the users.


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