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LG E900 Review


LG E900 Review

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With the launch of smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 looming closer, it is all but natural to stumble upon some documents related to some of these upcoming handhelds. We have come across one such document related to the LG E900, which appeared to be a normal dumbphone with a WVGA display till we scrolled down to the browser properties and were surprised to see it running IE7 (mobile IE for Windows Phone 7 devices). Yup, the E900 will be one of the handful of Microsoft’s assault team to take on Apples, Androids and BlackBerries of the world.

We don’t know about the specs that the E900 will offer but we can be sure that it will support multi-touch, at least a 1 GHz processor and superb graphics rendering capabilities – the mandatory pre-requisites for any Windows Phone 7 device.


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