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Nokia X6 8GB Review


Nokia X6 8GB Review

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The X6 8GB is a member of the amazing Nokia X series which includes other 3G Smartphone such as the Nokia X6  & the Nokia X6 16GB. The Nokia X6 8GB is an X6 Smartphone complete with 8 gigabytes of built in memory. This outstanding looking & highly capable Smartphone supports a Symbian 9.4 operating system with series S60 5th edition software & offers the user a stunning touch user interface. Its touch screen designed casing has been beautifully manufactured using high quality materials which look gorgeous, & is also a good sized for carrying & usability purposes. Its main features including a 5 megapixel camera, high quality music player, video player plus is comes with a variety of call & communication features. The X6 8GB support many technologies which include WiFi®, 3G HSDPA, Bluetooth® & the user can enjoy Internet access via the phones built in browser.

Appearance & Size

The overall size of the casing is pocket friendly & its touch screen form makes the X6 8GB an easy Smartphone to hold & operate in a single hand. Its casing measures 11.2cm tall by 5.1cm wide by 1.38cm in deep & it weighs one hundred & twenty two grams with its battery fitted. Its casing comes in three modern looking colours which include a black coloured case, amethyst & azure coloured case. The display is a capacitive touch screen which supports up to sixteen million colours on the 3.2 inch display. It supports a high resolution which is 640 pixels by 360 pixels & the user can enjoy using a touch screen alphanumeric keypad or keyboard on their touch screen. The user can switch between keypad & keyboard by simply rotating the handset & the desired input method will be displayed on the touch screen for the users input needs. The Nokia X6 8GB comes with a customisable home screen & the user can customised their Smartphone's themes, icons, widgets & menus.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

A built in video playing feature allows the user to playback videos for entertainment on their Smartphone. The user can view their videos in landscape mode for a wide screen viewing experience & the X6 8GB supports video playing formats MPEG4 & WMV9. A fully charged battery will provide the user with approximately four & a half hours of video playback time. This Smartphone supports a lively gaming experience which can be enjoyed on the beautifully clear touch screen & the handset comes with some preloaded games which include the popular Spore game, DJ Mix Tour & Asphalt 4 games. It's built in music player & radio features provide high quality sound & user friendly music controls which can be enjoyed by the user. The music player supports music playback in MP3, SPMidi, AAC+, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA formats, plus the this music player supports an array of music features to ensure the user has a great music experience on their Smartphone. It supports an eight band graphic equaliser to enhance the overall sound, a playlist feature, a user friendly music search function & the user can view colourful album art as a display whilst searching or listening to albums. The user can gain up to 35 hours of music playing time from a fully charged battery, depending on other features being used. An integrated five megapixel camera comes with a Carl Zeiss lens which provides high quality imaging for the user on the move, as the user can capture photos & videos using this sophisticated camera lens. Its many imaging features include, a selection of capture modes, a built in flash function, a variety of flash modes & a 4 x digital zoom. The user can record video at up to 30 frames per second & record video for up to three & a half hours from a fully charged battery. A front facing camera provides a camera lens which can be used for self portrait capturing or video calling.

Communication & Messaging

When the user doesn't wish to be disturbed by a ringing phone, they can select the vibration alert setting so therefore the user will be alerted of an incoming call or message by a vibration of their handsets casing rather than a ringing alert. The Nokia X6 8GB has a flight mode setting which allows the user to use only a selection of features on their Smartphone as the handsets transmitters are turned off, this prevents the transmitters causing problems when the user is in a mobile phone restricted area such as on a flight. The Smartphone's call features include a conference call feature, call timer, hands free speaker phone & a call log.

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