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Samsung S5230W Star WiFi Review


Samsung S5230W Star WiFi Review

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The Samsung S5230W Star WiFi is a 3G touch screen mobile phone & with its stylish good looks this handset will turn heads on its looks alone. It has a customisable home screen complete with a changeable widgets feature & the user can select their most popular contacts to be displayed on their home screen. This user friendly interface makes it easy for the user to access their features & input text using the intuitive touch screen. The S5230W Star WiFi comes in a black, white, silver or pink coloured casing. Its large three Inch touch screen fills the front section of the casing & provides a high colour & high resolution display for the user to enjoy. The handset has an accelerometer sensor which allows the user to view their touch screen in either horizontal mode or vertical mode depending on the user's viewing needs. The overall shape & design of the Samsung S5230W Star WiFi is slim & it has a solid but lightweight feel to its casing. It weighs ninety two grams & measures 10.4cm tall by 5.3cm wide by 1.19cm in depth which ideal for both carrying & using purposes.

This striking looking touch screen phone comes with fifty megabytes of internal memory & the user can insert additional memory if required for storage purposes. The S5230W Star WiFi has a memory card slot which supports a MicroSD™ type memory card & the user can add up to sixteen gigabytes of memory via this expandable memory card slot. The user can search for information on the Internet via the built in Web browser which is easily accessible via the phones main menu & allows the user to search for any information which may appeal to the user whether it be new music, weather, news or even clothes stores. This phone comes with a mobile email service allowing the user to communicate with their email contacts directly from their mobile phone. The user can enjoy sending, receiving & storing their emails on their phone. The Samsung S5230W Star WiFi supports a SMS text message service & a MMS multimedia messaging service allowing its user to communicate with others using either service depending on the users messaging needs. A SMS message can contain text which can be created & shared with compatible SMS contacts. A MMS message can contain a photo or a video clip recording with text & sound or music, which can be created & shared with compatible multimedia messaging contacts. The phone comes with a handwriting recognition feature which means the user can write a character on their touch screen using fingertip controls & the S5239W Star WiFi will predict which letter is being written by the user. An alarm clock feature allows the user to have a wake up alarm each day or a reminder alarm can be useful it the user finds it difficult to keep track of the time.

Its integrated WiFi® technology means the user of the Samsung S5230W Star WiFi can enjoy connecting to the Internet quickly & easily. Its WiFi® technology allows the users handset to connect to a nearby hotspot connection or wireless LAN to gain a cable free connection to the Internet. The user can connect their mobile phone to other devices when the user needs to transfer data from one device to another, & when connecting to other devices the user can use either use a Bluetooth® connection or a USB connection between the two devices. The user can connect to other Bluetooth® compatible devices & enjoy a wireless connection between the two devices when the devices are up to ten metres apart. The Samsung S5230W Star WiFi supports Edge technology which means the user can experience fast data transfer rates when the user connects & transfers data between their phone & other devices. The battery provided with the phone is a fully rechargeable battery & when fully charged it can provide up to ten hours of talk time. The Samsung S5230W Star WiFi works over a quad band GSM network which will automatically switch between GSM network bands GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900.

There is a built in video player which allows the user to play videos in MPEG4, H263 & H264 video format on their Samsung M5230W Star WiFi. The user can enjoy a high quality video playing feature on their high colour touch screen for a truly great viewing experience. There is an integrated 3.1

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