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Nokia N8 Review


Nokia N8 Review

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Finally after all the speculations about whether this monstrous smartphone actually existed – Nokia have finally announced the confirmation of its new generation power device – the Nokia N8! The Nokia N8 boasts some extremely powerful and exciting new features including a revamped Symbian v3 Operating System, an option to record 720p based High Definition (HD) video with Dolby Digital Surround Sound and HDMI Output, an unbelievable and off the hook quality 12 megapixel camera (which presently has the world’s biggest sensor ever to be installed on any smartphones!!) supported by an auto focus lens & a Xenon flash, a 680MHz CPU with a hardware accelerated 3D graphics engine and 256MB of RAM! Obviously it has all the other features that you usually find in any of the high end N-Series devices like Voice Assisted Gps, WiFi, 3G, lots of space (16GB memory is built in & it is expandable to 32GB) etc.

Series 60 Symbian ^3 OS

The brand new OS of the Nokia N8 may come as a surprise to many and I am sure that most of us will wonder if the upgrade was wise or will it kill the speed down of the operating system. Let me tell you that the new Nokia Symbian OS v3 looks really great all around with many combined features of the Apple iPhone OS and the popular Google Android OS built in. The new Symbian ^3 brings in the power of running multiple custom sized home screen widgets at the same time which is similar to that of the Maemo OS of Nokia’s own N900. With an interface like that of the Google Android OS and pointers like that of the iPhone, the circle indicators at the bottom of the home screen points to which screen you are on! There are a total of 3 home screens that can be set in Nokia N8. Nokia have also streamlined the main OS menu navigation and have upgraded the image viewer to include a grid based navigational structure with smooth transitional effects. The new Symbian OS ^3 also includes an iTunes like cover flow display for all your songs and the video player comes with HD video recording as default!

An Exceptional Camera

The N8 bangs with A 12 Mega pixel Carl Zeiss Optics based camera with a Xenon Flash and an auto focus lens. That means that the Nokia N8 can take pictures of up to a maximum 4000 pixels x 3000 pixels. The camera comes with a built in auto focus feature to automatically optimize any image so that your images don’t end up being in a blur. However, to give you a better understanding of how good this particular 12MP camera is on its own let us consider the tech specs of the N8 camera. This Carl Zeiss wide angel camera has a focal length of 5.9 mm which turns around to 28mm wide angel optics or the effective focal length and has an aperture value of f/2.8. The ISO value of the camera is measured to be at ISO 1200 and can shoot at nHD 16:9 resolutions. The Nokia N8 uses a 1/2 inch CMOS sensor which is 30% larger than most compact digital cameras and it comes with max shutter speed of 1/1000.

One of the most important factor that determines a camera’s performance is actually measured by its sensor ratio. The higher the result of the sensor ratio – the better the image quality. That means the lower the value in the divisor – the better the camera will perform. Most digital cameras comes with a sensor of 1/2.33. In terms of performance the lower the value in the denominator the better the sensor is, the less the image noise will be and the better a camera actually performs in real life. Badabing Badabang and the sensor ratio which Nokia N8 packs is a super impressive 1/1.83!! As of now the Nokia N8 is using the biggest sensor that has been ever put into a mobile! If this is right then the Nokia N8 will be able to take pictures almost as good as the pricey Nikon Coolpix P5000 which has a similar sensor ratio to Nokia N8 i.e. 1/1.8.

To give you an even easier summary of Nokia N8’s amazing camera in terms of performance and quality let us compare it against some existing camera focused smartphones and even against some dedicated digital cameras – the Nokia 8MP N86, the Samsung Pixon 12 MP and the Sony Ericsson Satio all have a sensor ratio of 1/2.5,

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