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LG GX500 Review


LG GX500 Review

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This amazing looking touch screen phone comes with both a striking LG designed casing & with an assortment of user friendly integrated features. The LG GX500 is a dual SIM mobile phone which allows the user to enjoy the use of two SIM in one handset. The GX500 has been beautifully designed by LG & incorporates a fashionable exterior as well as useful communication features to be enjoyed on the move. Other dual SIM handsets from the LG range include the LG KS660 & LG GX200. The user of the of this stylish handset can enjoy the built in 3.2 megapixel camera feature which supports both video & still photo capturing, a music player, a FM radio, WiFi® technology, Bluetooth® connectivity to other devices & of course its user friendly touch screen allowing the user to control their features & menu selections with ease.

Appearance & Size

The LG GX500 has a solid weight casing which weighs a total of one hundred & eighteen grams which makes it feel sturdy & solid when in use. Its casing measures 10.89cm in height by 5.34cm in width by 1.3cm in depth which will fit neatly in the user single hand when in use. The front section of the GX500 has a three inch colour touch screen providing a 240 pixel by 400 pixel screen resolution. There is no physical keypad to speak of but the user can enjoy the use of a touch screen keypad when making calls on their new LG GX500. This phone comes with a sleek black coloured casing with chrome effect accents plus its call keys & navigation control stand out due to their chrome appearance.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

The user can enjoy mobile gaming on their GX500, allowing the user to download new games onto their phone to suit the users desired gaming experience. The GX500 supports video playback in popular video formats including MPEG4 & H263. The user can playback videos which have been recorded & saved on their phone, or video which have been sent from others which is ideal for entertainment as well as sharing purposes. An integrated 3.2 megapixel digital camera comes with a rear facing camera lens which is neatly positioned on the back of the casing. This camera feature supports an automatic focus feature allowing the user to gain a well focused photo when capturing. The camera supports video recording capabilities & the user can store, share & simply enjoy these video recording capabilities on their new phone. A built in radio supports FM tuning & FM recording allowing the user listen to & record their favourite radio stations on the move. The LG GX500 has an integrated music player & the user can add new music to their phone using the phones connectivity options available when transferring music from other devices. This music player supports music formats including MP3, eAAC+ & WAV.

Communication & Messaging

Communicating with others is easy on the LG GX500 as the user can access their phone book & call log from the main menu, which allows the user to make calls & stay in contact with others with ease. The built in phone book can hold up to one thousand contacts & the user can enjoy a speaker phone style call if desired. If the user wishes to stay in contact with others without making a call then the user can choose the best messaging service to suit their needs. This phone supports a push email service, text messaging service & a multimedia messaging service, therefore the user can choose the best service for their communication needs whether the user wishes to share media, a quick text or if the user wishes to communicate with their email contacts in a formal style via email.

Technology & Internet

The GX500 is a dual SIM mobile phone so therefore SIM one provides a quad band GSM network & SIM two provides a tri band GSM network. This touch screen phone comes with forty megabytes of internal memory & the user can expand their handsets memory further by adding a MicroSD™ memory card. The LG GX500 can hold up to sixteen gigabytes of external memory via the memory card slot. It WiFi® technology allows the user to connect their new phone to a nearby wireless LAN or hotspot to gain a cable free connection whilst gaining access to the Web. This phone supports GPRS & EDGE technology which provides high speed transfer rates when the user is transfer data between compatible devices. The user can connect to other devices using either a micro USB connection or Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect to other Bluetooth® compatible devices.

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