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Samsung S3370 Review


Samsung S3370 Review

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The Samsung S3370 is an attractive 3G touch screen phone which supports straightforward communication features plus its 3G HSDPA technology provides high speed connectivity. The S3370 comes with a TouchWiz user interface which is the same user friendly interface as the popular Samsung S8000 Jet supports, plus the S3370 has a similar touch screen design casing as the high specified Samsung S5600 Monte, but all these handset supports a selection of differing features & technologies which give them their uniqueness. The user can control all their phones features using the amazing touch screen & some of the features to be enjoyed include a 1.3 megapixel camera, music player, radio, video player as well as popular social network applications including Facebook® & a MySpace application.

Appearance & Size

The S3370 comes with a compact shaped casing as it has a touch screen form casing which weighs eighty six grams & its dimensions are 9.99cm, 5.3cm by 1.29cm. Its sleek & stylish black coloured casing gives the Samsung S3370 a great look along with its delicate chrome effect edging which enhances the casing style further. On the front of the touch screen form casing is a large 2.6 inch touch screen with a smooth navigation control & beautifully positioned call end & send keys. The screen supports a 240 pixel by 320 pixel screen resolution & displays up to 256,000 colours which can be enjoyed fully when viewing pictures & videos. When the user turns their Samsung S3370 handset the screen will automatically adjust to the correct viewing position, whether the handset is in its vertical or horizontal position. A stunning TouchWiz user interface comes with a customisable home screen option & the user can add widgets to their home screen for easy access to popular features & applications. There is no physical keypad or keyboard on the Samsung S3370 but the user can enjoy easy text & numeric input using the onscreen keypad & keyboard.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

For entertainment the user can enjoy a variety of built in features including games, music, photo capturing, video recording & video playback. A 1.3 megapixel camera lens is on the back of the casing provides an easy to use photo capturing & video recording feature. The user can capture the perfect shot using the smile detection function allowing the user to gain a photo which is focused on the subjects smile. When recording video footage the user can choose the video option & use the capture key to stop & start their recordings. Games can be played on the Samsung S3370 complete with Java™ supported games & the user can add new games to their phone when required. For entertainment the user can tune into their preferred radio station to listen to their favourite radio chat show, breakfast show or to listen to all the latest chart music. This phone supports both music playback & video playing capabilities allowing the user can listen to their tunes or playback videos for pleasure.

Communication & Messaging

A speaker phone call function allows the user to listen to their callers over the phones speakers for a loud calling experience, & the users voice will be picked up by the handsets built in microphone. Added new contacts & editing existing contacts can be carried out in the phone book feature, which is accessed via the main menu. The Samsung S3370 comes with easy to use messaging services which include MMS, email & SMS messaging. Pictures & videos can be shared as they are taken by creating a MMS type message to share these captured experiences with others. The user can stay in touch with their email addresses contacts & enjoy communicating via email. A predictive text feature is useful whilst creating text for a message as the user simply starts to type a word & the predictive text feature will give a predicted ending to each word the user types.

Technology & Internet

This phone can be connected to other devices including a computer or another mobile phone when the user wishes to transfer data between the S3370 & the other connected device. A USB port on the Samsung S3370 means the user can use a USB cable when connecting to other devices or the S3370 supports Bluetooth® technology providing the user with a wireless connection option. There is a WAP 2.0 Internet browser & the user can experience XHTML & HTML browsing, plus social network compatibility allowing the user to access all their preferred social network websites to stay in contact with others. The Samsung S3370 has a memory card slot which supports MicroSD™ type memory cards & the user can add a memory card to extend their storage requirements.

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