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LG KS365 Review


LG KS365 Review

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The LG KS365 is a mobile phone which is packed full of easy to use communication features including call & messages services. Its casing is available in various colours which make it a fashionable handset option, plus it has the popular slide out QWERTY keyboard design. The KS365 is from the same LG family as the highly popular LG KS360 which has been labelled as a desirable messaging phone. The KS365 has compact styling, a slide out keyboard & it comes with a selection of fun & user friendly features which include a radio, music player, 2 megapixel digital camera, instant messaging, multimedia message & video recording capabilities.

Appearance & Size

This slide opening mobile phone has a 2.4 inch colour screen on the front section complete with an easy to reach & use circular navigation control key & backlit call keys. The user can simply slide the front section of their KS365 to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard from the lower section on the right hand side of the casing. The user can use their mobile phone in horizontal or vertical mode depending on whether the QWERTY keyboard is needed, plus the keyboard comes with a built in numeric keypad for high speed numeric entry. Its QWERTY keyboard comes with individual circular keys making text input easier at high speeds. The LG KS365 is a pocket friendly mobile phone due to its overall size & opening system, which makes it easy for its user to carry when not in use.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

It has a built in FM radio complete with radio data system support & the user can enjoy tuning into their preferred station to listen to the latest news, weather, music, travel & radio chat shows. The LG KS365 has a music player which supports music playback in MP3 & eAAC+ formats allowing the user to add new music onto their mobile phone via the connection option available or via the Internet. It's 2 megapixel camera supports video capturing as well as still image capturing & the user can store or share their captured videos or photos as desired. This mobile phone support colourful games thanks to its Java™ support & the user can download or add new games onto their KS365 to suit their gaming requirements.

Communication & Messaging

When the user wishes to communicate with friends the KS365 makes life easy for the user with its selection of easy to use call & messaging features. Staying in contact with others is the main purpose of any mobile phone & the LG KS365 comes with such a varied selection of services to suit the user's individual communication needs. The user can share a quick text message with other compatible users, create & share a picture messaging using the MMS messaging service with others whilst enjoying the use of the full QWERTY keyboard which will speed up the user's text entry. This phone comes with an instant messaging service which means the user can communicate online with other compatible users & experience a conversation style messaging format. The email service allows the user to create, send, store, receive & forward emails from the LG KS365, therefore the user can stay in touch with all their contacts that have an email address. Its call features include touch screen dialling, call log & a hands free call experience using the speaker phone call feature.

Technology & Internet

The KS365 is a tri band GSM network mobile phone which will automatically switch between network bands GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900, providing the user with the best network connectivity possible. The user can connect their mobile phone to other devices to transfer music, ringtones, videos, photos etc, & enjoy a wireless connection via Bluetooth® connectivity or use a cabled connection using the USB connection port. This beautifully designed mobile phone comes with an expandable memory card option allowing its user to insert a compatible memory card up to four gigabytes in size. The user can access the World Wide Web on their new mobile phone via a WAP browser which is accessed via the phones main menu.


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