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LG GT405 Review


LG GT405 Review

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An elegantly designed casing makes the LG GT405 GT stand out in a crowd complete with its stylish touch screen form design. It is a 3G capable mobile phone providing its user with an array of entertainment & communication features, plus it supports a stylish S class touch user interface for ease of use. The GT405 is a member of the LG GT range which includes other touch screen phones such as the LG GT500. It supports many features including a five megapixel digital camera feature, FM radio, instant messaging with popular types of messenger including Yahoo Messenger & Windows Live, & a Skype application is available in the UK only. A super looking phone with truly user friendly touch screen controlled features makes the GT405 GT a popular mid range handset.

Appearance & Size

It comes in a choice of two colours, both of which are sleek whilst pleasing on the eye & fully compliment the overall look of the LG GT405 GT. The user can choose between either a black coloured casing or a silver grey coloured casing, & the casing has a smooth finish which feels good to hold in the hand. Its casing has no opening system due to its touch screen form & its overall dimensions are 10.7cm by 5.45cm by 1.18cm, & this neatly designed casing weighs a total of 98 grams including the fitted battery. Its front section is almost filled by the three inch touch screen & its three well positioned menu & call keys. The touch screen displays up to 256,000 colours on a TFT display with a 240 pixel by 400 pixel screen resolution. The user can turn their handset & the touch screen display will respond to the user's movements allowing the user to view the screen in either vertical or horizontal mode.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

The user can control all their entertainment & imaging features using the simple yet stylish user interface & enjoy features such as a music player, FM radio with radio data system support, five megapixel camera & video player on the GT405 GT. The camera feature comes with a rear facing lens which is built into the back of the casing, allowing the user to use a camera capture key which is positioned on the top of the casing when the handset is in its horizontal position. This capture key placement allows the user to enjoy using their new mobile phone as a digital camera with a perfectly positioned capture key. The user can play videos in popular formats for entertainment as the phone supports MPEG4 & H264 video formats. Sharing videos & photos with friends is easy as this phone supports messaging services, email & the user can share photos via Facebook™ thanks to a built in Facebook™ application.

Communication & Messaging

There is a built in phone book feature which the user can store all their contact details in, which includes easy to find contact selection options & management of contacts. The user can access the call log to view a list of recent calls made from the phone, calls received & any missed calls. The user can also makes calls from this call log feature which is useful for returning calls from calls which have been missed. An instant messaging service supports popular formats of instant messaging which include Windows Live Messenger & Yahoo Messenger, so therefore users can enjoy this online message service to stay in contact with their compatible contacts. Text messaging & multimedia messaging services provide the user with easy to use services which allow the user to stay in contact with others without making a call. The multimedia message service allows the user to share photos, video clips, sound & text with other compatible users. There is also an email service which is accessed via the main menu.

Technology & Internet

Connectivity to other compatible devices can be gained by using either a USB connection cable or via a Bluetooth® wireless connection. The user can choose a connection method to suit their needs & to suit the connectivity options available on the other device. Fast data transfer rates can be enjoyed thanks to the handsets built in GPRS & EDGE technology. When the battery is fully charged the user can expect to gain approximately three & a half hours of talk time depending on other features being used during this time. The LG GT405 GT comes with sixty megabytes of internal memory & the phones memory capabilities can be extended by the user inserting a MicroSD™ memory card.

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