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Samsung C3510 Genoa Review


Samsung C3510 Genoa Review

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The Samsung C3510 Genoa is a compact touch screen mobile phone which has been designed by Samsung to appeal to lower budget touch screen users. This handset may also be known as the Samsung C3510 Corby Pop in some countries & by some mobile phone retailers. Its main features include a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, Internet access complete with social network support with live Web updates & a music player which provides approximately 25 hours of music playback time from a fully charged battery. This stylish handset is closely linked to the popular Samsung Genio Touch, as both handsets overall design pays resemblance to each other. The C3510 Genoa has a compact touch screen form casing which is ideal for both carrying purposes & usability.

Appearance & Size

Its curve shaped casing comes in a sleek black colour & its overall shape is compact when held in its user's hand. The user can easily access & control their touch screen controls whilst holding the Samsung C3510 Genoa in a single hand. It weighs only 92.2 grams including its fitted battery which is lightweight therefore ideal for carrying. This mobile phone has no opening systems so therefore has a solid style casing which measures 1.29cm deep, 10.39cm high by 5.54cm wide. The user can enjoy the use of an onscreen keypad when inputting new contact details or creating a message from the selection of messaging services available on this neatly designed mobile phone. Its touch screen displays up to two hundred & sixty two thousand colours on a 2.8 inch screen. The touch screen supports a two hundred & forty pixel by three hundred & twenty pixel resolution which provides a clear viewing experience. The user can enjoy colourful & fun picture wallpapers on their touch screen & the Samsung C3510 Genoa comes with a cartoon user interface.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

The Samsung C3510 Genoa comes with a rear facing camera lens which supports a 1.3 megapixel lens allowing the user to capture, store & share photos or video recordings. This camera can recording video footage at up to fifteen frames per second & the user can also playback videos on their mobile phone in many video formats including MPEG4 format, H263 video format & H264. There is a FM radio feature which comes with a RDS (radio data system) feature which allows the user to view text information which is relevant to the radio station & the music playing. The Samsung C3510 Genoa has a built in music player which supports MP3, eAAC+ & WMA music playback & the user can download or transfer new music onto their phone using the connectivity options which are available. The user can enjoy up to twenty five hours of music playing time from a fully recharged battery depending on other features being used on the mobile phone. This phone supports a mobile gaming experience & the user can download new games to suit their gaming needs. The user can change their ringtones for incoming calls & message alerts plus this handset supports MP3 format ringtones.

Communication & Messaging

The user can choose a messaging service to suit their messaging needs whether the user needs to share photos or video clip, share a quick text communication or even create an email, it is all possible on this compact mobile phone. A multimedia message better known as MMS allows the user to share messages with other MMS contacts which contain a photo or short video recording with sound & text, whereas a text message better known as SMS allows the user share a message contain text & symbols with other SMS compatible users. The user can create, send, receive & store emails which can be shared between contacts with email addresses. The Samsung C3510 Genoa comes with a smart unlock feature which allows the user to lock their touch screen to prevent features being accessed whilst the user is carrying their phone or whilst the phone is not being used. The user can access a list of recent calls made from the handset, a list of calls missed by the user & a list of received calls on their handset in the phones call log. Its phone book comes with easy to use features allowing the user to keep their contacts details updated with ease, by editing their contacts, deleting contacts or by adding new contacts.

Technology & Internet

This mobile phone works over four GSM networks which will automatically switch between network bands GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900. It comes with thirty megabytes of internal memory & the user can add a MicroSD™ memory card which is up to eight gigabytes in size.

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