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Samsung C3200 Monte Bar Review


Samsung C3200 Monte Bar Review

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The Samsung C3200 Monte Bar is a simplistic styled mobile phone complete with a solid bar form casing. It is an easy to hold & operate mobile phone complete with a selection of features to assist the user in day to day communication, as well as providing some fun entertainment features too. There is a built in camera feature, radio, Internet access & it comes with a colourful icon display main menu. This mobile phone is a member of the Samsung Monte range which includes the Samsung E2550 Monte Slider mobile phone & the Samsung S5620 Monte touch screen handset.

Appearance & Size

It has a black coloured casing complete with a rather bright orangey gold coloured sections down each side which brightens its casing up. The overall feel of the casing has a smooth finish which feels comfortable to hold in the users hand & it only weighs 77.3 grams which provides a lightweight design. The C3200 Monte Bar is a good size handset for both carrying & usability purpose which measures 111.8mm long by 46.9mm wide by 13.3 mm deep. It has a two inch colour screen which provides a screen resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels. The user can enjoy a colourful icon display which will assist the user when making feature selections. It comes with a select key & a menu key which makes the handset incredibly user friendly. Beneath the screen is a subtle ark shaped keypad with well spaced individual keys.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

The user may wish to play games on their new handset & the Samsung C3200 Monte Bar supports downloadable games & Java™ type games. A two megapixel camera feature provides much entertainment as the user can capture photos on the more which can be shared instantly with others via MMS or stored on the phone. The user can capture still photos & record videos at up to fifteen frames per second using the two megapixel camera. There is selection of camera & video options which allow the user to capture their desired finish. The Samsung C3200 Monte Bar supports video playback in MPEG4, H263 & H264 formats plus the user can enjoy playing their music in popular music formats including MP3, WMA & eAAC+. There is an integrated FM radio which supports a radio data system feature as well as radio recording.

Communication & Messaging

This mobile phone supports the popular multimedia messaging service better known as MMS, allowing its user to share photos or video clips with other MMS compatible contacts. A MMS can include text & sound with either a photo or video clip which provides a fun multimedia style method of communication. The user can create, send & receive SMS type messages on their phone, which is a message containing text which can be used rather than making a call, ideal for when the user is in a hurry. There is a predictive text option which allows the user to create a message whilst each word the user starts to input will be predicted & completed by this predicted text feature, which provides a quick input method. The user can store all their contacts details in the phone book which is accessible via the main menu complete with a phone book icon display. This easy to manage phone book can hold up to 1000 contacts. The Samsung C3200 Monte Bar has a vibration alert which will indicate by a subtle vibration of the handset that a new call or message has arrived.

Technology & Internet

This mobile phone supports Bluetooth® technology which means the user can connect to other Bluetooth® compatible devices without the use of wires, providing the two devices are within ten metres radius of each other. There is a micro USB connection port which provides a USB compatible connectivity option allowing the user to use a cabled connection to other devices. The Monte Bar supports GPRS & EDGE technology allowing the user to experience fast speed data transfer rates on their mobile phone. There is a built in Internet browser which is accessed via the main menu & comes with an easily identifiable & helpful Internet icon. Its battery will provide approximately 8.3 hours of talk time when fully charged. The phone works over a quad band GSM network which covers GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900. The C3200 Monte Bar has 40 megabytes of built in memory & supports a memory card option allowing the user to add a MicroSD™ memory card up to 8 gigabytes in memory size for further storage.


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