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LG GX200 Review


LG GX200 Review

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This compact mobile phone comes with a useful dual SIM function allowing the user to enjoy two SIM cards in their mobile phone. The LG GX200 has a lightweight designed casing & comes with many useful communication features. Its main entertainment & media features include a built in music player, FM radio with RDS support & radio recording function, 1.3 megapixel digital camera & a video player. The GX200 has a simple yet user friendly casing with a bar shaped form plus it has an easy to access & control keypad.

Appearance & Size

Its bar shaped form complete with its compact size & lightweight design makes the LG GX200 an easy to carry handset. Its casing has slightly curved edges & the handset comes in a stylish black coloured finish. It only weighs eighty five grams including its fitted battery which is lightweight therefore a pleasure to carry when not in use. The LG GX200 measures 10.9cm tall by 4.8cm wide by 1.3cm deep which makes it a pocket friendly mobile phone. It has a two inch TFT screen which supports a 144 pixel by 176 pixel viewing display & it displays up to sixty five thousand colours. There is a circular navigation control situated below the screen & the keypad is directly beneath this navigation control key, all located on the front section of this bar shaped casing.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

Its 1.3 megapixel camera supports both still image capturing & video recording. The camera lens is on the back of the casing & the user can store their images & recordings on their phone for viewing at a later time. The images captured can also be sent to others via the messaging services or transferred to other devices for storage & viewing. The video recording capabilities allow the user to record footage in VGA format & these recording can be played back on the GX200 for entertainment purposes. The LG GX200 supports Java™ games plus new games can be added to this phone easily as the user can download news games of their choice to suit their gaming preference. An integrated radio feature supports FM recording & comes with a radio data system feature. The radio data system feature which is better known as RDS allows the user to read text information on their screen whilst listening to their chosen radio station. There is a music playing feature which supports music playback in MP3, eAAC+ & WAV formats plus the user can enjoy lively ringtones in MP3 format on their phone. There is a video playing feature which plays back videos in MPEG4 & H264 formats which means the user can enjoy moving video entertainment when required.

Communication & Messaging

The user can select the vibrating alert option on their phone if they wish to be alerted of an incoming call or message by a subtle vibration of their phone rather than a loud ringing ringtone. The GX200 has a built in speaker & microphone which means the user can take a call over the speakers, leaving the user hands free whilst on their call. The built in phone book supports a photo caller identification feature & the user can store up to five hundred contacts at any one time in their phone book. The LG GX200 supports MMS, email & SMS messaging services which gives the user the freedom to communicating using the best service to suit their needs. A MMS is a message which can contain sound & text with either an image or video included. Whereas the email service allows the user to communicate with their contacts with email addresses. A SMS is a message which contains text & can be shared with compatible SMS contacts & is ideal when the user needs to share information quickly with others without making a phone call.

Technology & Internet

The GX200 has a dual SIM card option & both SIM cards supports quad band network coverage which include GSM 900, 1800 & 1900 networks. There is a built in Internet browser which allows the user to access the Internet for information & services as well as simply enjoy a surf for pleasure. This WAP browser supports a XHTML Internet experience. The LG GX200 comes with eighty megabytes of internal memory & there is a memory card slot which supports MicroSD™ type memory cards for further memory expansion. The GX200 can support up to four gigabytes of external memory in the form of MicroSD™. The user can connect their mobile to other devices such as their computer, printer, laptop & other mobile phones by gaining a wireless Bluetooth® connection between the two devices or by using a compatible USB cable to connect the devices.


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