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Pantech Impact Review


Pantech Impact Review

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The Pantech Impact cell phone is not only looks great, but works great too. I love it and i can be very picky with what cell phones i use. Texting is so easy its like typing on a computer! I love this phone! The Pantech Impact is slick and easy to use.  Simple but professional it does get ALOT of finger prints on the front and flip up screen. Everything works great!

You can call, text, look at your address book,recent calls, and music. the full qwerty keyboard is so cool. great big buttons that click well. there is a d-pad when you flip it open. the display on the main screen is all blue, which makes it a lil different but cool. the second screen the bigger one is got a really nice display and color. also, the text messaging so great!

The Pantech Impact cell phone features include a full QWERTY keyboard, a 2 Megapixel camera, a small external one and a larger internal one, 3G, GPS, music player, HTML mobile browser.

The Pantech Impact is so much fun to text on this phone. the camera is really nice too. but know that you only get about 30 seconds of video time. and also know that you have to flip open the phone to turn on and off the phone because the power button is on the inside. and to get the speaker phone, you just flip open the phone and it automatically goes to speaker phone. the call quality is great on this phone. on the keyboard there is a key that takes you straight to the messaging page.


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