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Samsung B3410 Review


Samsung B3410 Review

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This compact touch screen phone comes with a slide out QWERTY keyboard which makes text input easy for its user. The Samsung B3410 has a compact sized casing which measures 1.59cm in depth, 5.24cm in width & it is 10.23cm in height when in its slide closed position, which means the user can hold & operate their phone in a single hand. Its slide out QWERTY keyboard slides neatly out of the left hand side of the casing so therefore the user can input text at high speeds when their handset is in its horizontal position using this input method. The B3410 weighs approximately 113.7 grams with its battery fitted which is a solid weight handset without weighing its user down when carrying their handset in their pocket. Its casing is made from tactile materials complete with a sophisticated glossy finish which is available in a black colour option. This mobile phone has a good sized touch screen which allows the user to make menu selection & input information with ease using smoothly controlled touch screen controls. The screen is 2.6 inches in size & it displays a high quality & colourful display for the user to enjoy a clear viewing experience.

The Samsung B3410 is a member of the Samsung B range which includes other handset such as the Samsung B3310 & Samsung B3210 Corby TXT. The B3410 comes with thirty megabytes of internal memory & supports an expandable memory card option in the allowing the user to extend their phones memory capabilities by inserting a memory card in the form of a MicroSDâ„¢ type memory card. It comes with an organiser feature & an alarm clock function which are useful features to have on your new mobile phone to keep the user fully organised during their week.

This handset supports easy to use communication features including easy to use call features as well as user friendly messaging features. The Samsung B3410 supports a BT messenger instant messaging feature which allows the user to enjoy this popular service on their mobile phone just like they would do on their computer. The BT messenger service allows the user to communicate with other compatible users that are online at the same time as the user & the communication can consist of text & symbols during an online communication. The B3410 also supports a mobile email service allowing its user to send & receive emails on their mobile phone. The user can create, send, store & receive either a text message or a multimedia message depending on the users messaging needs. A multimedia message allows the user to share pictures, photos & video clips with other compatible messaging users & a text message allows the user to share text in an easily created message format which can be shared with other mobile phone users. There is a built in phone book feature which stores the user contacts details & numbers & this is easily accessible via the phones main menu & the user can access their contacts details directly from the message services for ease of use.

An Internet browser is accessible via the phones menu & this browser supports XHTML Web browsing which allows the user to access their favourite music websites & information websites with easy from their mobile phone. The Samsung B3410 comes with a rechargeable battery which is fully recharged via the power adapter provides with the phone. This battery can provide the user with up to 5.8 hours of GSM talk time or approximately 670 hours of battery standby time when the battery is fully charged. The user can connect their Samsung B3410 to other devices when the user wishes to transfer data between two compatible devices, using a Bluetooth® wireless connection or via a USB cabled connection depending to the compatibility. This phone supports EDGE & GPRS technologies which allow the user experience high speed data transfer rates when transferring files between the B3410 & other devices. It works over four GSM networks which include GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900 network & the handset will automatically switch between the four networks.

This sleek slide opening mobile phone comes with a built in music player, video player & a two megapixel camera feature. The user can enjoy playing their favourite tracks in high quality MP3 format using the music playing feature & playback videos in clear MPEG4 video formats on their phone. The B3410 comes with easy to use music & video controls & settings which allow the user to control & manage their playback selection easily.

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