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Samsung S8000 Jet Review


Samsung S8000 Jet Review

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The Samsung S8000 Jet phone is a slimline mid range phone that lives up to the billing. For the price you pay for the phone, it does give great value for money. One of the most talked about phones of 2009, the S8000 Jet does not dissapoint.

A very fast phone, with a user friendly touchscreen interface that is a joy to work with. The Samsung S8000 Jet phone has an excellent web browser, a bundle of widgets, with a fast responsive processor which is important to us tech hungry folks. The phone focuses on speed, you have probably seen the advertisement "Impatience is a virtue", well in the case of the Samsung S8000 this definitely holds true. Lets take a quick look at some of the best features of the phone and you will benefit from it.

As mentioned previously the Samsung Jet S8000 is a must have for all those that want everything now. If you live on a fast paced schedule, then this phone is for you. The S8000 packs a powerful 800MHz processor (theoretically even faster than the processor used in the iPhone 3G S) a responsive touchscreen user interface and fast web browsing with HSDPA. Wow that is fast.

The Samsung S8000 looks pretty much the same as other touchscreen phones, but the unique design of the buttons under the screen sets it apart. Its got a slick and compact design that is easy to put in your shirt or jean pocket.


AMOLED means Active Matrix Organic light emitting diode. Active matrix (AM) OLED displays stack cathode, organic, and anode layers on top of another layer - or substrate - that contains circuitry. The pixels are defined by the deposition of the organic material in a continuous, discrete "dot" pattern.

In a nutshell the Samsung S8000 Jet screen display is very impressive. AMOLED is bright, with high contrast, so you can see it outdoors much easier, and the resolution on the Jet is an incredible 800 x 480 pixels, which makes it the best screen I have ever seen on any Samsung phone. The phones display can easily compete with any smart phone.The phones display at over 3 inches is large enough for a quality touchscreen user interface experience. The display is so impressive that it's worth buying the phone just for this feature alone.


In terms of usability the phone stands out. The camera has 5 megapixels, with autofocus, smile detection, digital zoom and a dual LED flash. Okay so it's not the best camera phone ever but it does the job! The S8000 Jet can record video too, and can play back videos in high resolution in DivX & Xvid formats without conversion. There's a second camera that allows video calling over a 3G network.

Memory and Music

For music, well you have got FM radio, and a music player capable of playing most common music formats. With DNSe and a 3.5mm audio jack, this sounds good to me.The phone comes with a 2G memory enough for a 1000 songs. That's enough songs for me! But for those that want more, you can expand it to a 16GB with a micro SD card.

TouchWiz Multitasking

The Samsung S8000 Jet does have multi-tasking support, and the TouchWiz interface includes online widgets that can deliver applications like Facebook, weather reports and all that good stuff. Multitasking is easy with this phone as it's fast and browsing the web is a pleasure. Personally as a user I don't have the time to download. But if you like downloading and customizing your phone, then you will find the 3G HSDPA and WiFi connections to be nice and fast, whether you're watching YouTube videos or just surfing the web.


The Samsung Jet S8000 is a fantastic phone for the price and it's features. Okay so it's not a smart phone but it's not supposed to be one. You can use this phone on the go and enjoy the benefits of a compact, stylish mobile cell phone.


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