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Samsung S5200 Review


Samsung S5200 Review

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This slim slide opening mobile phone has a highly fashionable appearance due to its fashionable & coordinated colour scheme. The Samsung S5200 comes with either a red casing with a black coloured slide section, or a blue coloured casing with a black coloured slide section. The back section of either coloured handset has a subtly blended colour effect where the red & black, or blue & black colours blending into each other for a beautiful colour effect. It's easy to carry & handle due to its ultra slim design & it is a compact handset due to its sliding mechanism. The Samsung S5200 measures only 10.9mm in depth which is incredibly slim & it is 49mm wide by 104mm high when the handset is closed. It weighs ninety seven grams including the fitted battery which is lightweight without feeling flimsy in the user's hand. The S5200 has a two Inch colour screen which has a high resolution display of 240 pixels by 320 pixels for the user to enjoy a high quality viewing experience. The user can view high colour pictures & moving video footage as the screen supports up to sixteen million colours. A user friendly icon type menu display allows the user to glide through their phones features with ease.

If the user wants a mobile phone with music features as well as good quality call & communication features, then the Samsung S5200 has it all, as it comes complete with an integrated music player & a radio feature. Its music player supports popular music playing formats & the user can store their music easily on their phones memory. The user can transfer their music CD's onto their phone by using the connectivity options available on this fashionable handset. The Samsung S5200 also has a built in radio feature which allows the user to enjoy listening to their favourite FM radio station. This radio feature supports a RDS function allowing the user to view & read radio information on the screen, which is provided by the radio station. This RDS feature can be enjoyed while the user is enjoying a radio listening experience. The S5200 supports polyphonic sound ringing tones & MP3. The user can add new ringing tones to their handset & change their ringing tone or alert sound to suit the user's personal taste. A built in 3.2 megapixel camera comes complete with an automatic focus feature & a built in flash allows the user to capture a photo or record a video clip with a perfect end result. The Samsung S5200 supports easy to access imagine features & the user can capture a shot or recording quickly on their new phone. The many camera features include a smile detection feature allowing the user to capture a happy picture each & every time the camera is used. The S5200 supports video recording in QVGA format & the user can playback video on their phone in MPEG4 & H264 format. This phone comes with preinstalled games & the user can download new games for a totally new gaming experience on this fashionable handset.

It comes with fifty megabytes of internal memory & the user can enjoy the expandable memory facility which allows the user to extend their phones memory capabilities up to a massive eight gigabytes by inserting a memory card in the relevant size, eight megabytes being the maximum size the handset can support. A rechargeable battery can be recharged using the power adapter provided & when the battery is fully charged the user can enjoy up to three hundred hours of battery standby time or up to five hours of talk time on their handset. The Samsung S5200 covers GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 networks which makes it a quad band phone allowing the user to enjoy worldwide roaming with their mobile phone but the full network coverage is dependent on the user's network provider. The phone support two connectivity options which include a Bluetooth® wireless connection & a USB cabled connection, therefore the user can connect to other devices using the best connectivity option to suit the user's needs & to suit the compatibility of the other device.

This stylish phone comes with a fake call feature which is a great safety feature which means the user can use this fake call feature when required in an emergency. The Samsung S5200 has easy to use call feature including a speaker call which allows the user to hear their contact over the loud speakers, then the user can place their handset on a nearby desk or even in their lap whilst enjoying a loud call without holding the handset to their ear.

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