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LG GM200 Review


LG GM200 Review

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There was no dearth of music centric mobile phones in the market and a new phone with similar features is always considered as 'one more' in the crowd. But LG's latest music phone is pretty different and definitely deserves a different treatment.

The difference lies in its sound system. For the first time any mobile company has come out with Dolby sound system and LG has incorporated this technology on to its GM200. The sound quality of the LG GM200 is awsome and pretty loud. Among many handsets taht I've reviewd so far, I didn't find any other mobile phone matching the decibel level that our GM200 is throwing at you. And there is no distortion of sound quality with even full volume.

The GM200’s FM radio was another pleasant surprise. It might take few seconds more than the average to find and store the available FM channels but once stored the phone gives you a one-place channel finder, means, unlike other mobile phones in this price range, where you only navigate the channels in one way, here it is multiway. What it means exactly is, you can see all the available channels on the display and you have the option to go to the exact channel you are looking for. But the radio reception is pretty poor. LG has scored very good marks in this field even in its pretty low-end phones. You can also record from the radio and what’s even better is the ‘Intenna’ that allows you to switch on the radio sans a handsfree or earphones.

The formfactor of the GM200 is not very appealing, rather average. It has a 2.0-inch TFT LCD that sports a 176 x 220 pixel resolution (256k colors) and a large multi-language keypad with a five way navigation pad.

The phone comes with a standard 3.5mm earphone socket, a  2 megapixel camera and a 2.1-inch subwoofer. The presence of the subwoofer makes the GM200 capable of providing users with a 2.1 channel audio feel.

The GM200 user interface is astonishingly slow. You wouldn't find a slower machine in this category in the market at the current era. Keying in characters while SMSing is a pain. The fastest SMSer would do the most number wrong entries in the SMS, if he uses the GM200.

Looking at the battery, its better than the average phones. On a single charge I was able to use the GM200 for close to full three days. The usage included music, a little video, a lot of messages and quite a lot of talk time as well. With just talk time, on a average it ran up to about five hours.

Among other features a voice recorder has been provided and the reception quality of the microphone is quite decent, infact calls for a recommendation.

The handset’s EDGE/GPRS and WAP capabilities can be used for internet access and downloading emails as the GM200 supports IMAP and POP accounts. However, given a chance I'd not like to access the Internet with this phone because of its slow UI. Other modes of connectivity include Stereo Bluetooth and of course USB 2.0.


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