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Sony Ericsson k750 Review


Sony Ericsson k750 Review

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The Sony Ericsson K750i is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated model of 2005 for the majority of mobile phone users. This waiting was caused by many things, but mainly because of information about the phone appeared much earlier then the phone was officially announced. We mentioned the phone in December of 2004 for the first time, and the functionality of the phone was clear then. Keeping the functionality in mind, we thought it would be classified as a T650. The latest reorganization of the product line saw the T-series removed, and the manufacturer decided to renew the indexes. In 2003, the leader of SE's line was the T610, which was a bestseller and is still sold in some places. A new device was later introduced with a few improvements in a similar style to the T68 and T68i. Keep in mind these facts for the end of the review.

The new leader of the company, the K750i, had the name of Clara inside the company. Similar to previous leading models, the emphasis is put on the most demanded and actively promoted functions in the market; for 2005, this means a quality camera and Mp3 player, all other functions were also changed in accordance to the device itself. As for the previous models, the device inherited all of their strengths and the hardware became more powerful, which is necessary for properly working and storing pictures from the 2-mega-pixel camera. The processor operating speed and its power grew, which is why there were many software problems in the development of the K750i. The main challenge for engineers was not the functionality of the phone, but forming a specific set of characteristics to fit in a body comparable to the previous phones. The company decided that the user should see not only the inheritance of features, but in design as well. Why should they accustom users to a smaller size if the next device in this class will have larger dimensions? That is not only illogical, but it also pushes the audience away. The company's lack of resources has made developing modern devices in a short time next to impossible.

The phone itself will be presented in 2 colors, which is very interesting. The operators will be offered models in more colors, but with different indexes; for example, the K750 copy for T-Mobile is the D750.

The dimensions of the K750 are quite comfortable (100x46x19.5 mm, 99 grams) but unusual for a phone with these functions. The device belongs to the group of models with double-side orientation, a phone on the one side and a camera on the other. The integration of a phone interface and a digital camera allows users no need to put extra effort in learning how the camera works, since everything is similar to usual cameras. Looking at the front panel you see the standard layout of keys and functions. The first unusual thing is that the loudspeaker gaps are placed very high on the phone, almost on the top edge. This is caused by the small size, since the dimensions haven't changed but the filling has. This position hasn't hampered the loudspeaker work in anyway, the speaker is heard well, and the position means nothing. The decrease of the loudspeaker power may be considered a negative factor; we managed to get the same sound, volume of call, melody reproduction and mp3 player as on the models of the current line. Energy consumption of the loudspeaker is much lower, and that is an evident plus.

The screen has undergone no changes and is the same as previous models, such as the K700 and K600. It has the same resolution of 176x220 pixels (28x36 mm) showing up to 262K (TFT) colors. Physically, its matrix has no differences from the previous models, and using another controller causes the increased number of shown colors. You won't see any principal difference between 65K and 262K colors in the screen, the picture is good, vivid and the interface drawing is very pleasant. The display gives way to Samsung and Sharp models in the picture brightness, but in general belongs to its own group rather than to the middle-class. No problems appear in the screen, and moreover, it is obviously one of the best in this form-factor.

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