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Samsung E1410 Review


Samsung E1410 Review

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To begin with, its simple candy bar form is extremely appealing. It also features a large keypad that includes both Hindi and English text. The Samsung Guru E1410 also includes a 1.6-inch CSTN with a 128 x 128 pixcel resolution with 65K colours. The five way navigation pad is etched with music keys as the handset is primarily focused on premier audio performance. Another added attraction is the all in one port for charging, USB connection and handsfree, which comes with a 3.5 mm earphone adapter. These phones are nearly good enough and serve as a good reason for saving money on going in for a new set of earphones.

Though the Samsung Guru e1410 mobile is capable of supporting a microSD memory card with capability of up to 2 GB, what is a bit deterring is the lack of a hot-swap slot for it. The design necessitates the removal of the battery for insertion of the memory card. Despite the fact that the handset is a bit bulkier, it has decent looks, though it could have been a lot slimmer. Nevertheless, it impresses with its easy navigation.

With prime focus on sound, the Samsung Guru E1410 has an extremely good audio quality. The audio is delivered with resounding base line and outstanding highs. The availability of plenty of presents such as Surround, Wide, and Dynamics options give the user good control over audio delivery. The audio level is quite high, and the surrounding noises do not prove to be a hindrance while listening to the Samsung Guru E1410, as it has an inherent capacity to deliver its audio loud and clear.

Users can create playlists directly on the handset by sorting music in folders and then creating a list based on their tastes. However, users will need to copy their music files into definite pre-designated folders so that the handset's player can follow them.

There's a Stereo FM also that provides good crystal clear reception. So, along with the loud speakerphone, you can surely expect it to deliver a blast. People who commute might find that the signal gets disturbed occasionally, but the output is definitely enhanced when compared to other small budget phones. You surely can't expect more with FM along with it's FM recorder and stand-alone voice recorder for memos.

Other features like the Open Wave WAP browser makes connectivity quick and hassle free through WAP/GPRS. Though not equipped with Wi-Fi, it has a stereo blue tooth support for calls or wire-free audio uses. With USB 2.0, it is easy to transfer data from the PC to the Samsung Guru E1410's memory card. There's also a Gmail application for Gmail users. Also included is a Opera Mini browser.

For the price of this handset, it incorporates a number of miscellaneous features like calendar, world clock, timer, converter, calculator, mobile tracker, calculator, and a lot more. The battery life is quite good as it can last around two days with regular usage that includes, calling, messaging, music, web surfing, and a bit of radio as well. For users who want just the talk time, it can provide around 4 ½ hours of usage.


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