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Nokia 6710 Navigator Review


Nokia 6710 Navigator Review

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This Nokia 6710 Navigator 3G Smartphone comes with a beautifully finish casing & is compact in size. It has a slide opening casing which is smooth to slide open & close, which fits in the user's single hand when in either position. It measures 104.8 mm tall by 50.1 mm wide by 14.9 mm when in its slide closed position & weighs 117 grams. It comes in either a rich looking titanium coloured casing or a rather elegant chestnut brown coloured casing. This stunning 3G Smartphone a member of the Nokia Navigator range which includes other handsets with high quality navigation features including the Nokia 6110 Navigator & the Nokia 6210 Navigator. The Nokia 6710 Navigator comes with a Symbian 9.3 operating system with a S60 version 3.2 software. The user can view all their colourful images, user friendly menus & high quality user interface on the 2.6 Inch size screen which has a screen resolution of 320 pixel by 240 pixels & displays up to a staggering sixteen million colours for a beautiful viewing experience. The 6710 Navigator has a well positioned Navi™ key which allows the user to make menu & feature selections with ease. The slide out section of this handset allows the user to slide out the lower section of the handset to reveal the numeric keypad.

The main feature on this 3G Smartphone is it's built in navigation feature which is easy to use & allows the user to be proved with step by step instruction to new locations on this incredible handset. The built in A GPS navigation feature comes with a Nokia Maps version 3.0 which supports a drive, walk & traffic function. The Nokia 6710 Navigator supports WiFi technology which means the user can connect their handset wirelessly to a local WLAN or nearby situated hotspot to gain a connection the Internet when required. The built in Bluetooth® technology allows the user to connect to other devices which are up to ten metres away via a wireless connection which is useful when the users wishes to transfer files & data between nearby devices. The 6710 Navigator comes with a micro USB port so therefore the user can connect a compatible USB cable into their port & enjoy connecting their handset to other micro USB compatible devices. This Nokia handset is a 3G handset which allows the user to experience high speed connectivity & features such as 3G video calling which provides a face to face call experience for the user to enjoy. A built in Web browser supports XHTML, HTML, CSS & WML allows the user to surf the Web for new information & services, or the users can simply enjoy the browsing experience on the move. The Nokia 6710 Navigator comes with 50 megabytes of internal memory & has an expandable memory card slot which can hold up to 16 Gigabytes of external memory. This Smartphone supports a MicroSD™ type memory card & the handset comes with a 2 Gigabytes MicroSD™ memory card to get the user started. The handset works over HSDPA 2100 & quad band GSM network which provides worldwide roaming for the user to enjoy. The battery supplied with the 6710 Navigator can provide up to 450 hours of 3G or GSM standby battery time or approximately 4.5 hours of 3G talk time or 7.5 hours of GSM talk time.

A built in five megapixel camera comes with Carl Zeiss optics which provides a high quality picture & video capturing feature. The camera comes with easy to use imaging features which include a dual LED flash which will add light to those duller surroundings, a 20 x digital zoom which allows the user to zoom in closer when taking a shot & a automatic focus feature means each time the user captures a picture the image will be perfectly focused. The user can use the camera feature to capture still pictures, a sequence of pictures or to capture a video. The dual LED flash comes with settings which allow the user to change the flash mode to suit their needs which include a red eye reduction mode, automatic flash mode, forced mode & off setting. The user can record video using the integrated five megapixel camera & the video recorder supports a zoom function with up to 10 x zoom. The Nokia 6710 Navigator comes with a second camera which is a CIF camera & is ideal for using when the user is taking part in a 3G video call.

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