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Motorola EM30 Review


Motorola EM30 Review

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The Motorola EM30 is a sleek looking handset which is mainly black in colour with a bright red edging which adds a fashionable look to this mobile phones casing. The Motorola EM30 is also known as the MOTORAZR EM30 which is a mobile phone which focuses on its call features & music features. The handset has a solid feel when held in a single hand without feeling heavy as its only 100 grams in weight. The EM30 is a slim handset which is 10.6mm in depth & 53mm wide by 115mm tall. A 1.8 Inch screen provides a colourful display for the user to view all their pictures, music features & more. The screen is a TFT QVGA screen which has a screen resolution of 320 pixels by 240 pixels. Below the screen is a chrome coloured navigation key complete with call & shortcut keys. The keypad is situated below the navigation key & the keypad comes with a ModeShift™ feature. The ModeShift™ keypad can change to suit the relevant features being used on the Motorola EM30. The ModeShift™ keypad displays a selection of music keys when the user is using the phones music feature & the keypad changes to a numeric keypad when the user is using the call features. The keypad has touch sensitive controls which light up the numeric keys in blue & the music keys in red.

A built in FM radio supports RDS which provides the user with onscreen text information from the radio station. The user can enjoy tuning into their favourite radio stations to listen to the music, news, weather & sport information. The Motorola EM30 comes with an integrated music player which supports all popular music formats & comes complete with easy to use ModeShift™ music keypad which allows the user to control their music with ease. The user can use the 3.5mm stereo headset jack to plug in a compatible headset for a private listening experience. The EM30 synchronises with Window Media Player™. The battery provides up to 13 hours of music playback time from a fully charged battery or up to 6 hours of talk time.

The phone comes with three messaging services which allow the user to send messages to compatible contacts using a messaging service to suit the users messaging needs. The EM30 supports a mobile email service which allows the user to send text emails to compatible users with an email address. A text message service allows the user to send a message complete with text input to all SMS compatible mobile phone contacts & a multimedia messaging service which allows the user to send a message contain a photo or video clip complete with text & sound or music. A WAP Web browser allows the user to enjoy accessing the Web to find out current worldwide information & news. The Motorola EM30 works on a quad band network which covers GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900. The built in EDGE technology & GPRS allows the user to enjoy high speed transfer rates when transferring files between the EM30 & other compatible devices. The user can use Bluetooth® technology or a USB connection when transferring data between the Motorola EM30 & other devices. The CrystalTalk™ technology allows the user to hear callers even when the user is in noisier surroundings & the callers can be sure to hear the user clearly.

The EM30 comes with 18.5 megabytes of internal & has a memory card slot which supports a MicroSD™ type memory card up to 8 gigabytes in size. A built in two megapixel camera comes with a multi shot picture mode & an 8 x digital zoom which allows the user to zoom & out at their subject when taking a shot. The Motorola EM30 comes with video capabilities which allow the user to record & playback video clips. The EM30 will fit into the user's life & allows the user to enjoy easy to use music features on this solid bar handset.


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