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Samsung M3510 Beat b Review


Samsung M3510 Beat b Review

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The Samsung M3510 Beat is a candy bar shaped music phone which comes in a compact handset with cured edges. The handset is only 9.9mm in depth so therefore will slip into the users pocket perfectly. This lightweight music phone has been designed by Samsung with the music loving mobile phone users in mind. It comes with a highlighted silver coloured music key which stands out on the dark coloured casing. The navigation control is also silver in colour which stands out for ease of use. The bar shape design allows the use r to access the keypad without any fancy opening mechanism & the keypad is well spaced out which makes numeric & text input easy for the user. The Samsung M3510 Beat has a TFT screen which is 2 Inches in size when measured diagonally & displays up to sixteen million colours which allows the user to enjoy colourful screen savers, wallpapers & images on their new handset.

The main feature on this music focused mobile phone is it's built in music player complete with music features. The music player supports all popular music playback formats including MP3, format, AAC format & WMA format. The Samsung M3510 Beat comes with a music feature known as beat player & comes complete with dedicated music keys which are situated at the front of the handset just below the screen which are easy to access. The user can experience high quality sound thanks to the built in DNSe sound which is a digital natural sound engine. A built in equaliser allows the user to gain the best quality sound for the style of music being played. The M3510 Beat comes with a shake activated music control which allows the user to control their music feature by shaking & turning their handset. A built in radio feature allows the user to tune into radio stations to listen to the latest music shows, news updates & much more. The FM radio feature provides another listening experience for the user to enjoy on their handset. The mobile phone supports polyphonic & MP3 format ringing tones which the user can select & change to suit their style. A 3.5 mm audio headphone jack allows the user to plug in compatible headphones for a private listening experience.

The Samsung M3510 Beat comes with an integrated camera feature which allows the user to capture fun moments in their day using the two megapixel digital camera. The camera feature & lens is located on the back of the handset & comes with easy to use controls & settings. The phone supports MPEG4 & 3GP video playback which allows the user to view moving video footage as well as still pictures on their new phone. A built in microphone & built in speakers on the Samsung M3510 Beat allows the user to enjoy taking a call using the speaker phone feature. The user can place their handset in their lap or on their desk & enjoy a conversation over the phones speakers. The user can hear their contact out loud & the microphone will pick up the users voice which can then be heard by the contact.

The user can share messages with other using in the form of a SMS text message which contains text & symbols or in the form of a MMS multimedia message which can contain text & sound with a picture taken from the built in digital camera. The user can create, send, receive & store emails on the M3510 Beat. A WAP 2.0 Web browser allows the user to gain access to the Web on their phone when the user is looking for new ringing tones or music to download for their music player. The Samsung M3510 Beat comes with sixty megabytes of internal memory & the user can add further memory to their handset in the form of a MicroSD™ memory card. The user can use Bluetooth® technology to connect their phone to other devices using a wireless connection between devices. The user can connect their M3510 Beat to other devices using an USB cabled connection as the handset comes with a USB port. The phone supports EDGE technology which allows the user to experience high speed data transfer rates when transferring files between the phone & other devices. A battery is provided with the handset which is a fully rechargeable battery. The battery can provide approximately two hundred & fifty hours of standby battery time when fully charged or approximately five hours talk time for the user to enjoy during their day.

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