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Nokia 6208c Review


Nokia 6208c Review

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At the ceremony in Nanjing, China, Nokia unveiled the 6208c mobile phone. The place for the presentation was not chosen accidentally of course. Many of those who follow major events in the world of gadgets might have become desperate to see any recent novelty before it appears in China, but Nokia 6208c is not likely to go round world markets – China will be the first and one of the few 6208c's markets. This point is founded in the concept of the smartphone, in its Asian design, or may be in the fact that 6208c is a testing platform of new touchscreen capabilities.

So, what does Asian design actually mean to Nokia 6208c? The first thing to mansion is that Nokia's corporate design didn't go far away, so Nokia is easily recognized in the 6208c model. When I saw it for the fist time, 6300 communicator has come to my mind, but obviously, 6208c takes the 6708's way, which is also a classic form factor touchscreen released in 2006. Secondly, 6208c is all about little creative differences in design. For instance, I can not bypass its stylus. This is the most interesting stylus by design ever I believe. However, I don't like calling it weird or strange because Nokia would not place a poorly though out product under world's consideration, and who knows, may be it turns out to be so comfortable to use, that you wouldn't like to change it. Anyway the idea was to make it look like bamboo slips. Not an ordinary design of course, hence questionable, so let's move to unquestionable pluses. One of those is Chinese hieroglyph recognition, write it down on the notepad and the phone will find the most appropriate hieroglyph in its library. Very good, but Nokia is not the first to have this sort of thing, iPhone also has this feature.

Other features are QVGA display with 2.4 inches and 320 x 240 resolution, 3.2 Mpix camera with 4 x digital zoom, dual LED flash, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, 3.5 mm jack, expandable with microSD cards memory and lots of other features that have not been described properly on the presentation.


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