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Motorola W388 Review


Motorola W388 Review

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The reason for this is that the alarm can be accessed from the Office tools too, but I can’t understand why. Even the name is strange, as there’s nothing special here – or at least nothing that I would call an office tool – just a calculator, a stopwatch, chat, custom menu, calendar, Phone Inspector and a link to call setup.

We have a funny situation with games, there is Sudoku and Tetris, just to let us be smart and clever. Both are EA products, but they are lame in such a way that is a real shame, I just wouldn’t give my name for these – I only say that such a thing like this Tetris is enough for a shallow pass mark in the third semester of a normal programmer’s university, but only if the professor is in a good mood. Sudoku is of a similar quality, but I’d rather call it a second semester program, as it doesn’t really have graphics. It’s terrible.

There is a thing called Web access in the main menu, which should be an HTML browser. I didn’t want to ruin my mood, so I didn’t check it out, no one should browse the web at 128 x 160 pixels. An e-mail client might have been a better idea, but there is no such thing at Messaging, only SMS and MMS – this can really be a great experience, but anyway, I don’t want to be displeased, at least there is such a function.

Unfortunately making phone calls wasn’t such okay as I’ve been expecting – although I thought that at least this will be all right, but no. Sound quality and volume are both very weak in my opinion; I had no chance of understanding the other party when on a bus, no matter how high a volume I’ve set. Oh, I mean I would have liked to set, if they were dedicated volume control keys, but there aren’t, so one has to tamper with the d-pad to do such things – this is the usual method in this segment, but I would still be happy about two bonus keys on the phone.

The data communication protocols are quite weak too. The GSM module is tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz), we can use Class 10 GPRS for data transfer, but this is not such a big defect at such a display, as we will receive a couple of MMS messages at most. There is no Bluetooth, which isn’t such a rare thing in this segment – this or USB Mass Storage mode would have been a minimum to be able to put music files comfortably on the phone, this way we can use a card reader, which is not the best thing, since the microSD slot is under the battery. And it’s not even SDHC-compatible, so we can expand W388 with a 2 GB card at most.

Received/dialed calls can be displayed only separately in the call log, there is no common view and I didn’t see missed calls at all. The size of the internal memory is 7.5 MB and we can store 1000 names in the phonebook, there are no extra fields besides phone number and e-mail address.

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